Hi Seniors!! Or I guess… soon-to-be Seniors! 😉 Wanting to enjoy your summer first before you think about being a senior? …I get it. But, it is SO close and the time for those senior pictures is almost here! So, have you booked your senior picture session yet? If not, there’s still time and there is still room to do so! If you have, YAY, I can’t wait to meet you! Now, let’s chat about these pictures. Some of you are starting them this summer, some in the fall and some in winter. I love that- choose your favorite season for sure! But since we are starting them soon, I thought I would help out a bit with choosing and shopping for your outfits. I get that online shopping is a thing now, and don’t get me wrong, I do it all the time too. BUT I also think it’s nice to be able to try things on and make sure it fits/looks good on me/I like it before I buy it. So, I wanted to give you some options of shopping for your outfit right here in Bozeman! 

senior pictures montana

Where to shop in Bozeman for your Senior Pictures!

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wedding processional song playlist ideas

Welcome back my friends! I know you’ve come back to my blog because I have the best playlists ever and you love them so much, you just can’t get enough!! 😉  So… without further ado… today I will be sharing the best (and the last) of the wedding day playlists I have! Processional time, baby! Let’s have you walk down that aisle to something you absolutely LOVE. Something you that will hype you up, or calm you down. Whichever you need, I have both vibes right here for you. 

Let’s start with getting you comfortable walking down the aisle. I just want to throw out a couple tips and advice to those of you still unsure what you want to happen in this moment. Are you still questioning who you want beside you? Or maybe you’re just stuck on which song to choose? Let’s chat.

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Wedding Processional Song Ideas/Playlist!

downtown wedding venue

Hello lovelies! I wanted to come on here and chat with you about some killer Bozeman spaces to hold your wedding! I get a lot of people coming to me, wanting to get married in Bozeman but are only being shown barns…and they say “Omg what if I don’t want to get married in a barn, but I want to get married here, ugh!” Haha, I totally feel you. And not to worry! There are so many other options, so I am sharing a list of places that are NOT barns you can get married in! 

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But What If I Don’t Want to get Married in a Barn?

rehearsal dinner in bozeman

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Hello my beautiful future Bozeman brides, grooms and wedding planners! How are you doing? Anything in particular stressing you out? Likeeee the Rehearsal Dinner plans? Are you worried you’ll have to entertain or come up with things to do so your guests aren’t just talking about their flights or travels here? Maybe you’re worried about the families mixing and getting along? Well, not to worry because I am here to give you some ideas on making that Rehearsal Dinner stress-free, memorable and to flow nicely! 

I think Rehearsal Dinners are such a good way to show off the town if your friends or family haven’t been yet! So, I came up with some activities that you could do during or before the dinner right here in Bozeman so your guests will have something to do and you won’t have to worry about the mingling too much!

Throw an unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner in Bozeman!

Kailyn drove all the way to Bozeman for her senior pictures! She said that she did a ton of research on who she wanted to take her senior pictures, and landed on me! I felt so crazy honored! We ran all over Hyalite and got so lucky with the wildflowers holding on for us! I […]

Billings Montana senior photographer

Billings Skyview High School Class of 2023: Kailyn

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elopement gifts for bride and groom from family and friends

This one goes out to my futures brides, grooms, and to the family and friends of the couple! Especially those thinking about eloping but still unsure about the whole thing. Maybe you’re wanting it to be an intimate moment for you and your partner, but also want your family and friends to be “with” you in spirit! Or want some reminder of them with you during your elopement! I totally feel you! It’s hard to please everyone, it’s hard to do something so big without people you thought might be with you. But things, ideas, and thoughts change and that is OKAY! Go elope my beautiful people! I have some ideas for you to keep those people close to you even if you are far away from them! And to the friends and families, this is for you too to give you some ideas of how to support their elopement!

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How to bring your family ‘with’ you when you elope!

wedding reception dance

Welcome back my friends! Alright, I know I joked about losing my hearing to my do not play list of recessional or reception songs earlier this week… including Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Thriller (yes, Thriller…), Shake It Off (T Swift fans don’t even think about coming at me), Chicken Dance, YMCA, anything Rascal Flatts… I could go on but there’s really no need. You get it haha. Don’t get me wrong, those are of course some banger songs! They are hits for a reason, I totally get it! But also, there are so many others out there I’ve heard at receptions that are a little less overplayed bangers!! So yes, your playlist fairy godmother is back baby! I am here to help you and provide yet ANOTHER playlist for your wedding. This time: Reception Songs and/or Recessional Songs!

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Recessional and Reception Dance Song Ideas!

Bozeman High School Senior pictures

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I loved driving all over Bozeman with Anna, her mom, and sister chasing the fall leaves! Ann was a great story teller of all their funny childhood stories. And she has such a huge heart for taking care of others, so when she said that she was interested in early childhood and special needs teaching […]

Bozeman High School Class of 2023: Ann

Today I want to highlight and tell you all about an amazingly beautiful and unique wedding I was honored to be a part of! I always love when the wedding couple does something different and that hasn’t been done too much before for their ceremony. I think a lot of people search for unique and unpopular ideas to do for their ceremony/wedding but never really know what to search for or can’t find anything they really love. SO, I wanted to share what this beautiful couple Alzada and Chris decided to do for theirs to give you all an idea of what is possible and what you could do as well! They had their ceremony in an old schoolhouse called Bear Creek Schoolhouse in Cameron, Montana. It’s one room, has no running water and hasn’t held a class or students in over 70 years! But is still held up, painted and gorgeous!

schoolhouse wedding ceremony

Unique Ceremony Idea for your Wedding!

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Rachel’s sunshiney personality turned even this gloomy fall day right side up! She took me up on one of my senior mini sessions I offer in the fall. It can be a little nerve racking as the photographer sometimes showing up, and only knowing their first and last name. The moment that Rachel got out […]

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Bozeman High School Class of 2023: Rachel