I know that you have been planning this day for at least 3 years, and now you are getting excited about your senior pictures! You have picked out your outfits, props, and accessories AND we finally have great weather in Montana to have a stunning session! But now the question for you becomes “who should I bring to ensure that I have the best time?” I am going to help you with that tricky choice and remind you that it’s all going to be great! 

Who to bring with you to your Senior Pictures!

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senior picture advice

Meredith has a cabin up in Big Sky Montana, so I drove up the canyon and met them at their home. We drove all around Big Sky to get her some amazing views of Lone Peak, a downtown vibe in Big Sky, and those gorgeous poppies by the river! Meredith was so stinking cute about texting me before her shoot to see if I could give her a sneak peek of where we could go for her pictures, so I spent a full day driving all over Big Sky to find her and her best friend’s senior picture locations to make sure they both had unique shoots but not the exact same! 

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Big Sky, Montana: High School Senior Pictures!

livingston depot wedding

The Livingston Depot Center is a quintessential Livingston, MT icon! It is located in the heart of downtown and this magnificent historic building caters to all kinds of celebrations. It is surrounded by the best bars and restaurants right across the street, and has a beautiful courtyard and park right outside the main door. It was built in 1902, and it has an incredibly beautiful backdrop for couples to host their big day.

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The Livingston Depot, Montana Wedding

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I am SO happy to share Madi and Chase’s wedding day, especially because we share a wedding anniversary now! Madi and Chase are not only high school sweethearts, not only middle school sweethearts, but Chase has been in love with Madi since elementary school when he asked her what her favorite candy bar was and she said butterfingers! The next day he brought a butterfingers to school. How cute is that?! It was so fun getting to watch Madi sign her new last name like she had practiced so many times on her school binders with hearts all around it. 

The Woodlands, Bozeman Montana: Wedding Planning Guide!

Hello there beautiful people! I am here today to chat about a lovely wedding venue, Copper Rose Ranch. If you’re still looking for a venue, I highly suggest you keep reading, as this place is one of my very favorites! 

Copper Rose Ranch is smack dab in the middle of Paradise Valley, and boy does that name perfectly live up to it. It is the perfect combination of western charm and tasteful, timeless choices that will make your wedding photos the envy of all friends and family. There are so many ways to vary your experience; from using only the barn on your wedding day, to renting the whole place for family and guests. It truly is a jewel of Paradise Valley to have the Absaroka and Gallatin mountain ranges in view the whole time!

copper rose ranch wedding

Guide to Getting Married at Copper Rose Ranch

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hyalite elopement wedding montana

Wanting to get married at Hyalite Reservoir in Bozeman Montana?? I totally get it. It’s BEAUTIFUL!! How could you beat those views?! Well… I am here to help you out with advice and tips on how to do that! First a little background on the Reservoir…  

The Hyalite Reservoir has SO much to do!! There are a variety of recreational activities including boating, canoeing, camping and fishing. They have several picnic tables, a boat launch and ample parking. Also, they have a ton of beautiful hiking trails in Hyalite Canyon, including the West Shore Trail, which you can access from the day use area! The camping site, Hood Creek Campground, is about a mile and a half from the Pavilion. The Pavilion is also incredible and SO nice to have there for gatherings.

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Hyalite Canyon Mountain Elopement in Bozeman Montana!

Bozeman Roly Poly Coffee Trailer for weddings

You’re right, I’ve seen it all! The good, the bad, AND of course, the trendy. I had an amazing wedding season this year full of brides and grooms that were so creative and thoughtful about their wedding day. If you are here to read my smash or pass list, or my worst of the worst stories, this is NOT that kind of list. That might be in my book when I am far away from Bozeman, and can’t get sued haha. 😉

So, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite moments, or some of the ideas and weddings that stuck out to me the most! Along with some amazing vendors I met this year that I loved working with and who made the day go by smoothly. When you are planning a wedding, a lot of the time you will start searching for vendors around you and only get the top 4 vendors in the Gallatin Valley area. Which is amazing for those top four vendors that have been working so hard, but I also want to share the people that might be on page 2 or 3 of your google search that are still incredible options!

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Bozeman Montana 2023 Wedding and Vendor Wrap Up!

bozeman courthouse wedding

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Hello beautiful people planning weddings! Or not wanting to plan a wedding… haha. Maybe just a small plan. Well, if you’re not wanting to plan much, or wanting a small intimate wedding, this blog is for you! I had a lovely couple elope at the Bozeman Courthouse and then go get drinks and dinner with close family and friends, and it was AMAZING!

Bozeman Courthouse Wedding!

This place is AMAZING! I absolutely adore the Star M Barn, and want to help anyone that is still looking for a venue, or if you’ve already chose the Star M and just need some tips and advice while you get started on your planning!

A little bit about the Star M… This BEAUTIFUL barn was built around 1917 with a gothic arch roof and a huge ceiling. There’s a 12-foot x 14-foot glass garage door that opens up so you can expand your party onto the deck, especially when it gets warm in the summer! The barn was also just recently upgraded to provide your event with the electricity and power for your party! There is also a 220-Volt power hookup for a food truck/catering.

star m barn wedding montana

Star M Barn Wedding Planning Advice!

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bozeman barn wedding

Christine and Zach met in the freshman dorms at the University of Miami…. And the rest is history! They have been through long distance, a PhD program, and new jobs taking them to new places! They finally got to move back in together in 2020 while adding another pup to their family! 

In November 2020, they got engaged! So much has happened since then…Christine has become a doctor, they road-tripped with our DIY camping trailer to Montana to scope out the Bozeman area for our wedding, Zach accepted the assistant swim coach position at our alma mater, they moved back to Miami, and they bought a house together. DAMN! I love hearing stories of the couples I photoshoot. This is just the cutest and most lovely story, so I had to give you all a little background on them!

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Bozeman Barn Wedding!