What is a Wedding Content Creator?

Hello! I am so glad you stopped by! Today I wanted to talk to you about Wedding Content Creator’s! This page is for you if you’re looking for some fun video content, or amazing candid’s during your wedding day. Keep reading to find out more details…

Bozeman Montana wedding content creator

What is a Wedding Content Creator?

A wedding content creator captures, edits, and shares photos and videos of your wedding day with their phone for you to share on social media platforms, primarily TikTok and Instagram. These videos are made and sent to you to share wherever you please! They will not be posted on their page unless given consent to. A wedding content creator has the skills to take the best shots, incorporate the latest audio and video trends, and create flawless transitions. They can post your wedding content in real time, and send the edited videos to you the next day allowing your followers to experience your big day with you.

The goal of a Wedding Content Creator is to capture your day with a natural/fly-on-the-wall/documentary-style approach. They will be your hype person and personal paparazzi This allows you and your guests to live in the moment on your wedding day! 

Bozeman Montana polaroid photographer for weddings

Why hire a Content Creator?

If you look back on your VHS tapes of you growing up with your dad commentating on what is happening, or you singing in your hair brush to Brittney Spears’s Toxic, and you LOVE the candidness of un-posed and goofy dance moves that are caught, then this is for you! Why not on your wedding day? Please think of a Wedding Content Creator as your paparazzi running around to capture all the funny little moments in the day your photographer might not be able to capture. Think of this as more of a documentary style. They deliver content that feels like putting that VHS in and giggling with your family around the TV. They are there to capture those hilarious moments that maybe a photographer or professional videographer would leave out because it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but would make you laugh or say, “that’s so us!”

Montana wedding content creation

This is also an option for those who might not want to spend money on a videographer, but still wants to have some videos from the day. (And really, we can’t always count on our friends for good videos. We love them, but they want to have fun too!) So, a Wedding Content Creator is a budget-friendly way to capture the big moments of your day and get them back to you ASAP so you have content to share! If you got a quote estimate from a videographer who blew your hair back, and you wish you could still have a few videos of your speeches, your vows, or your guests on the dance floor, I am the answer! 

What is a wedding content creator

Something that makes them unique is: not only are they capturing the candid moments, but they are also creating unique and fun videos that are curated in a way to showcase or highlight specific moments throughout the day (i.e., your champagne tower pour, the moment you become married, etc.) You can also tell them if you have certain things you want them around for during the day! But, you won’t find them guiding and posing you for shots, nor will they be doing heavy editing or producing a long-form video like a traditional videographer would. This also allows you to have trending music or “your first dance song” in your wedding video. Videographers cannot put in a John Mayer song or your first dance song in your wedding video because they do not own the rights to it. But, since these will be on social media, they can use the sound on Instagram or TikTok to put over your video! 

The Investment:

This is something that you will work together on to see how much coverage you’d like on your wedding day. No matter what package you choose, they will ensure that you will get every video they took with my phone; you also usually get full rights to share all the content and edited reels. It obviously depends on the person you choose as your Content Creator for pricing, so you will have to talk with them about that! All of this section depends on the creator and what they are comfortable with! 

It’s important to note that these social content creators are NOT a replacement for professional photographers and videographers; they’re an ADDITION to make your day even more memorable! They will become a team with the photographers and videographers you have hired to grab the little moments in between. 

Think of this person as a Documentary Style Photographer/Videographer without the fancy gear and cheaper for you! They do everything on their phone, but they have an eye for what moments look important, fun or cute! Anything they see that isn’t being captured, they’ve got it! Don’t expect these videos (or sometimes photos) to look as professional as the main Photographer you’ve hired. Again, this is a Content Creator using the device they have. But! They still have the skills to see what should be captured, and how to edit it together in a video you can keep forever and send to all those family and friends!

using an iphone to capture wedding day moments so you can download them to social media the next day

A Wedding Content Creator is not linked to a professional Photographer. They are a separate hire! You can have any main Photographer you want, and also hire a completely different Content Creator to do this part. They don’t need to be linked in any way, and they will chat and meet the day of your wedding to go over things they may need from each other!

Below I have listed one Wedding Content Creator in Bozeman, Montana if you would like to reach out to her as well!

Emma Rathe

Meet Emma!

Hello! My name is Emma, and I am from Waverly, Iowa. I graduated from The New School with an MFA in Acting and have a BFA in Musical Theatre from Missouri State University. Yes, I am a theatre gal through and through. Which means I love getting to know and chatting with new people! I have had a couple films participate in festivals across the world, and love editing and creating stories. I work for Leanna as her Social Media gal, which lets me use my creativity in different ways. Capturing moments, laughs, fun, conversations, and love is something I adore. A little about me: I am a fellow ginger as you can see, and even though I get burnt immediately, I absolutely love the outdoors! I love to cook, read, bake and I am a champion Yahtzee player. Yes, that’s a thing. 😉 I also act, sing and teach at The Ellen and The Verge in Bozeman and love every minute!

So, if this is still something that interests you, or you have more questions about it please feel free to reach out and ask your questions! 🙂

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