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Your senior portraits should be more than something to mark off the to-do list, I want to make it a day all about you! Like your birthday, but better! It will be full of anthems to sing in the car, laughter, and encouragement! We will become a team tailoring your photoshoot to who you really are, and what you love before your photo session. My photography style is bright and stylish, and will create timeless portraits you will want to share with all of your friends. My hope when finishing a portrait session is that you feel more comfortable infront of the camera, and your confidence goes through the roof. Oh and did I mention, it will always end with confetti!


High school can be some of the best times and some of the hardest times. I want to fill your senior with confidence before they get out into the "real world". I want to capture what they love the most, and what they are proud of in themselves. I hope they look at these pictures and feel full confidence in themselves and everything they can accomplish! 

For The Parents

The dream team is a once in a lifetime experience for high school seniors! It's a hand picked group by Leanna of guys and girls to build a community to get through senior year! And of course fun perks! You will receive an extra photoshoot in either Spring or Winter of your senior year, private shopping experiences, and swag bags! This is to build up every senior to feel more confident before they head off to their next adventure!If you want to be apart of the team please contact Leanna and say you are interested in being on the dream team!

Dream Team

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