Things to know the week before your Senior Pictures!

Hello my amazing and wonderful seniors! How are you? How are you feeling about it all? Are you ready for your senior year?? Pshh, I know you are. You got this! Also, it’s time for those pictures if you haven’t already had them. Don’t stress about it, I am here to help you prep! I am SO excited to meet y’all and have fun! 

I wanted to walk through what you should get ready, what you need to plan for and what things to get ready the week before your shoot and the day of! So, let’s start with the week before… 

The week before your shoot, I will be busy location scouting for you to make sure we get you your pictures like no one else! I want them to feel like YOU and not like everyone else. I will stay in touch with you that week and let you know what time to meet up the day of, and where to meet based on how far out your location is in the mountains! At this point, we will have likely already decided which time of day we will shoot! If you want a “golden hour shoot” those times are around 2 hours before sunrise or 2 hours after sunset. These times of the day have such a beautiful glow-y light, cooler temperatures, and less crowds at popular locations. Because of this, I like to wait until we are 1-2 weeks from your shoot date to lock in an exact meeting time based on the time of the sunset.

Otherwise, if you want a different time, we will do what’s best for you! Normally we will meet at Freshies Cafe, jump in my white Honda that says “Billion Auto” on the back window, and I will probably be bumping Beyoncé at top volume. Obviously. We will grab all your things, throw it in my Honda, and take off! WOO! 

how to prepare for your senior pictures

On the day of your shoot…. Wow, this part could be a whole book because there is so much to say!! All the fun things, all the important things, and every minute of this day counts! (Every second counts…. Any ‘The Bear’ fans…? hehe) Anyway… Let’s get into it! 

First things first, please, please, PLEASE be on time! On time means early in my book 😉 so try to be at least 15 minutes early so we can get situated and get on the road! Especially if you’re doing a golden hour shoot, there’s no time to waste!

When you arrive at your shoot, in those first 15 minutes together, the first thing we are going to do is look through your outfits! Even if you send me photos beforehand (and I hope you do!), we will run through them together on the day-of to map out exactly where we will photograph each look and when you will change. This helps us go in with a game plan and decide which outfit will look best in which location. And it will save us time in the long run, so we don’t have to take time after each look/location deciding what’s next. Sometimes there will be flowers in bloom that coordinate with a specific dress or a prop that we want to use at a specific spot…so there’s some strategy that goes into this! So, we will chat about all of that and plan it first thing! 

My shoot times vary on which package you chose! But it will at least be 2 hours! After we decide which outfit where, we head out and shoot! Bring whoever you want to hype you up during your shoot, or to help you change. Or if you feel more comfortable with just me that’s okay too! We will have so much fun either way! Also feel free to bring a playlist if you’d like some music in the background. That’s always a good idea too! We’ll hit all your locations, get all the outfits, props and everything you want in your shoot done, then head back home! Badda bing, badda boom! (Not sure if I spelled that right, but you get what I’m saying haha)

I can’t wait to share this day with you. Don’t stress, look up any of my guides or blogs if you have other questions or need more information. Otherwise, feel free to reach out with any other questions! It’s going to be FUN! 

how to prepare for your senior pictures

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