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Photo By MAK PhoTO

I am a fearless photographer based in the mountains of Bozeman Montana. I am a loud and proud photographer of seniors, engagements, and weddings. When I am not behind the camera you can find me dancing in my living room, going on an impromptu road trip to a small town just to window shop, or petting every dog on main street in Bozeman. 

Meet Leanna!


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What I can promise you as your photographer is to be fully committed to capturing your true laugh and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I promise to listen to your concerns and make you feel confident by the end of the shoot. I promise at your senior session we will sing way too loud in the car and do anything to get the best backdrop for your shot. I promise at your wedding I will shed a tear at the daddy daughter dance and dance to every Beyonce song that comes on during your reception. I promise at your engagement session you won’t say “This is awkward” and we can start and end at the bar.




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