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POSING? Nah…. Friends!! Hello! I just wanted to talk about something I come across in some of my sessions that is super common and TOTALLY understandable!  

Fishing couple in Bozeman

If you just booked with me and are nervous about the upcoming day, or maybe you’re on the fence about booking because you hate being in front of a camera and don’t know how to pose? Then this little blog here is for YOU! If you’re booking for just yourself, or if it’s a couples shoot, it works for any and all.  

fly fishing couple engagement pictures

Listen, I am right there with you. I don’t love being in front of the camera either, and I also get nervous! It’s weird! Posing? AH! I totally feel you. So, let’s talk about what can make you feel more comfortable and less nervous. Stop posing and let’s make it a fun day for all of us! I’m not there to put you in a weird pose you hate and that doesn’t mean anything to you or your partner! Pick something that is fun for you to do, something that means something to y’all and I will just be there following along and capturing those moments. I love, love, LOVE following along on a date night to capture a couple in their element and to see you as your friends do. Pick something you do together that you both love! (Or if you’re alone for a headshot or senior session, bring something fun you love to do! Ex: Yo-yo’s, sunglasses, hats, sport-lovers…anything!) 

engagement fishing pictures

I notice even the shyest people will loosen up once they are doing something that feels familiar to them, or that is just plain fun for them to do! If you’re stuck on finding activities/dates to do, I’ve created a fun list and Pinterest board to help you brainstorm. It can be literally ANYTHING!!!  

couple photos fishing

Throwing some pottery at a studio (you don’t have to be good, I promise!) We have a few local pottery shops that do private lessons: Bozeman Community Kiln, Arts on Fire, and Emerson Center!

Montana fishing engagement pictures

Pizza picnic! Or a smorgasbord of your favorite fast food restaurants picnic! That is always a fun one! We can grab your favorite pizza pie and drink, and head up Hyalite!

Montana fly fishing engagement pictures

Shoot some arrows at an archery range! (I will stand behind you at all times haha!) There are some beautiful public lands in Montana we can shoot and get views at the same time!

Bozeman Montana engagement pictures

Grab a pint and play some board/card games at your favorite brewery! Don’t stress about a huge camera coming out during happy hour! We can always pick a quieter time so you don’t feel embarrassed!

Montana summer engagement pictures

Cooking together in your kitchen…. Food fight! Or good ol’ baking cookies night. Everyone loves cookies! We can always rent an Airbnb too if you are traveling so you don’t have to feel stressed about cleaning up the house!

Bozeman Montana engagement pictures

Take your car baby and give it a good ol’ car wash together! Check out the Pinterest board at the end of the blog post for some inspo!! It can be so stinking cute!

Bozeman's best photographer

Maybe you’re a Costco couple… let’s walk around Costco and eat all the samples! You can push each other around in the cart, and end everything with a Costco hotdog!

fishing engagement ring

Is your favorite movie Love and Basketball? Shoot some hoops at a basketball court or show me your moves in a racquetball court!  

Madison River engagement pictures

Take a dip in the lake, see how high you can throw each other in the water! There are even some ideas on the Pinterest board where we can add in your boat, or blow up an air mattress and set sail!

Bozeman Montana engagement pictures

Winter activities… hockey lover? Ice skating on the frozen lake! Sledding? Sure thing, let’s do it! Having an activity will keep you warm too during the session!

Rock climbing engagement pictures

Road trip vibes… van life? Adventurers? Heck yeah, let’s do it! Blast some tunes and park your van next to an amazing view! 

Madison River Montana

Movie lovers? Grab some popcorn and snacks, a projector and blanket and watch your favorite movie!  We have a historic theater in Bozeman called the Ellen! We can rent it out and have a blast!

Montana engagement photos

Is your partner your elementary school crush? Check yes or no! Let’s take it back to recess and have a park day! Swings, slides, monkey bars… SO MUCH FUN! 

Madison River fly fishing

Maybe you live in an apartment building with an amazing roof, I love a good roof shoot! 

Madison River fishing

THRIFT DAY. Y’all I love this one. Go through the thrift store and pick an outfit out for each other they have to wear the rest of the day! 

sunsets in Montana

This is a bold one… but maybe you’re in need of a tattoo? Let’s goooooo.  

Montana sunset pictures

Bike rides! Boat rides! Motorcycle rides! 

fishing engagement pictures

See? Anything. Literally anything can be fun, and whatever floats your boat, I am in! I want you to be comfortable, and have a fun time together! No posing, just dates and activities you love. I will just happen to be third wheeling J 

Here are a few Pinterest boards to get your creativity going:


Outfit Ideas:


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