and i.

-My superpower is being a wingwoman. My catchphrase is “I have to introduce you to…” because I love connecting all the cool people I get to meet.
-Artists that are still on my concert bucket list: Adele, Dolly Parton, Hozier.
-It’s my dream to dance in the original gazebo from The Sound of Music. In the meantime, I dance in any gazebo I come by
-The best food is found under fairground tents. Michelin star restaurants might be nice now and then, but I’ll take a good corndog, soft pretzel, or fry bread any day.
-One of the best little joys of adulthood is receiving a handwritten letter buried amongst your bills. I've made it a habit to write letters to friends and family because it's so personal and heartwarming!
-All of my wedding contracts include a stipulation that I will ditch my camera and dance to every Beyonce song that plays. (I love “Single Ladies”, but why isn’t “Love On Top” played at every wedding?)
-Someday when I retire I think I'll make a great travel planner for my friends and family. I could spend hours organizing an itinerary and virtually exploring a city.

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Old Couples holding hands/Meaningful conversations/OPI nail polish names/Planning our next trip/Driving around historical homes/Helping others/Working out to Podcasts/My freckles/Fair Food/Giving the perfect gift/BEYONCE/My husband's laugh/Broadway musicals/Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey's relationship/Going thru old photo albums/Long baths/Sunshine on my shoulders/Singing and dancing in the car/My cabin in Red Lodge/The Beatles/Confetti/Hot Springs



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