and i.

-One day I want to dance in the Sound of Music gazebo
-When the going gets rough I remind myself I have just as many hours in the day as Beyonce
-I've never met a corndog I didn't like
-I don't have a bucket list, but instead a list of people I need to see in concert before I die
-I still believe in the power of a handwritten letter
-I save my voicemails from my mom and dad and listen to them when I need a little pick me up
-Dancing in the car is my form of cardio
-I am thankful for God's undeserved grace everyday

A little about me...


Old Couples holding hands/Meaningful conversations/The Sound of Music/Planning our next trip/Driving around historical homes/Helping others/Working out to Podcasts/My freckles/Fair Food/Giving the perfect gift/BEYONCE/My husband's laugh/Broadway musicals/Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey's relationship/Going thru old photo albums/Long baths/Sunshine on my shoulders/Singing and dancing in the car/My cabin in Red Lodge/The Beatles/Confetti/Hot Springs



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