Who to bring with you to your Senior Pictures!

I know that you have been planning this day for at least 3 years, and now you are getting excited about your senior pictures! You have picked out your outfits, props, and accessories AND we finally have great weather in Montana to have a stunning session! But now the question for you becomes “who should I bring to ensure that I have the best time?” I am going to help you with that tricky choice and remind you that it’s all going to be great! 

I am absolutely great with you wanting your parents or guardians coming along! You can talk with them beforehand and tell them what you’d like them to do or how they can help. Maybe at the first location you can ask them to stay in the car, so you can warm up in front of the camera and then at the next location you can have them come out of the car and cheer you on. Or if you’d rather have them there for the first location, if they’re someone that makes you comfy and relaxed, then let’s do it! Whatever you want to do! Whatever you feel the best doing! I’ve also had a few parents bring their dogs so they can go on a walk around the park where we are shooting so they’re nearby, but not RIGHT THERE. So, if that’s something that interests you, that’s an option too. AND we can get a few pictures with your dogs in that case! Or they can be there the whole time by my side. I just want you to feel comfortable. I am also more than happy to tell your parents that info if you want to text me so I can let them know if you are feeling anxious at all! 

One thing I will say about having someone with you…. You know how on Say Yes to the Dress the stylists would always get frustrated with anyone at the appointment that wasn’t Team Bride? That’s exactly how I feel during senior photos. It really makes a difference when you bring people who are going to cheer you on and make you feel comfortable and confident. ​​​​​Bring those people that are team YOU!

​​​​​​​​One of my seniors brought her mom and grandma along for her photoshoot and they were definitely Team Her! They were complimenting her the whole time on how beautiful she looked, and being really positive about the outfits she chose. Also, they were helping getting her in her outfits and shoes. Obviously, their comments weren’t news to anyone, she looked GORGEOUS, but I’m sure that extra support made the day more fun for her and made her more excited to see her photos!

Maybe you want to bring your bestie?! I freakin’ love that! Maybe your parents trust you to drive to Bozeman for the day as a road trip together for your senior pictures. I am pumped about that! Keep in mind though, when picking a friend to come with you, be thoughtful about which of your friends would extend a “you look beautiful” over an “Eww don’t do that.” We want an “I love the outfit you chose for your pictures!” vs. “Well, in MY senior pictures we….” I want you to have someone that is going to make you laugh with just one word, and tell a funny story about you that makes you belly laugh in pictures. 

Or you’d like to bring boyfriends/girlfriends/crushes and everything in between! I love that you are smitten with someone! In the past, the best pictures that I have taken have not come from shoots with someone’s partner. HOWEVER, I will trust you if you promise me that they will hype you the whole time and speak kindly about you. I’m down! I’d love to be proven wrong! I think it’s always beneficial to talk with your partner before the shoot and say what could be the most helpful thing they can do to make you laugh and feel comfortable. 

I normally have you and your person hop into my car once we meet up so that we can jam to music together and I can get to know you better. I have seats for 3 people to come with! You could also bring a friend with you in my car, and have a parent follow us so that you can be yourself! Again, whatever will make you the most comfortable and ready to go!

Something I also throw into sessions is to take a few pictures at the end of your shoot with whoever you brought with you! If you have a pet you’d like a quick couple photos with as well, they can join at the end of the shoot! Someone can meet up with us and bring your pet, so they won’t be there the entire shoot. It’s so hard to tell other people where we are, so we will have to plan it! One more time…I would also love to just quickly say, I know your boyfriend or girlfriend is the biggest and most important thing in your life right now, but will they truly be able to make you smile and be your biggest cheerleader? They need to be happy to be there, and encouraging! Sometimes we really need to look at our friends and say alright, do they hype me up and make me feel the best? If they do, GREAT! But if you hesitate about it or think they would make you feel a little more nervous, maybe think of someone else!

Maybe as you read this, no one comes to mind for you, THAT’S OKAY! Let me be your biggest cheerleader please! You can absolutely come by yourself and jam with just me! I just ask that someone at least knows where you are. Please have find my friends on with them, or let them know what time we are starting, where we are going, and what time we will be back home. Your safety is my biggest priority. I hope this helps you decide who your biggest hype person is, or at least makes you start thinking about it! Can’t wait to meet you and your team!

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