Why you should hire a Polaroid Photographer for your Wedding Day!

Are you considering adding a unique and nostalgic touch to your wedding day? Look no further than hiring Emma to capture all your special moments with a polaroid camera. The timeless appeal of polaroid photographs adds a candid and authentic feel to your wedding memories.

Montana wedding photographer that uses a polaroid camera

Why choose Emma? Not only does she bring the expertise to handle polaroid cameras with finesse, but she also ensures that you have an ample supply of film, relieving you of the hassle of adding it to your wedding to-do list. Emma’s services go beyond simply clicking pictures – she aims to provide you with a seamless and delightful experience.

candid wedding reception pictures

Emma offers several options to cater to your specific preferences. You can opt for mini polaroid pictures, the classic Polaroid 600, or even a combination of both to ensure a diverse range of captivating images. Additionally, if you’re considering adding polaroid photography as an add-on to your social media content, Emma can tailor the pricing and coverage to meet your needs.

wedding reception polaroid picture sign in book

Based in Bozeman, Montana, Emma is also available for travel, ensuring that your wedding day, regardless of the location, can be beautifully documented with polaroid charm. Worried about getting all the polaroids? With Emma, rest assured that all the images are yours to keep, preserving your cherished memories in tangible form.

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Whether you prefer posed portraits or spontaneous candids, Emma works closely with you to understand your vision and deliver the polaroid photographs that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of your wedding day.

Wedding content creation in Bozeman Montana

So, if you’re looking to infuse your wedding day with the timeless allure of polaroid photography, consider hiring Emma to artistically capture every joyous moment. Get in touch with her to discuss the details and ensure that your wedding day is commemorated in a truly unique and memorable way.Who doesn’t love the look of the high flash and candid feel of polaroids? They give you an instant feeling of nostalgia, and also instant gratification! I’m sure in the past few years you’ve seen a little polaroid set up at weddings so that the couple can use it as their sign in book, guest book, or just have it for a guest gift! The only problem is that the camera is just sitting on the table begging to be used, but if you don’t have someone manning the station you might just end up with 10 images of guests, and then it will be put down and no one knows how to reload the film.

professional wedding day polaroid photos

Let’s break down the pricing now….

Option 1: The Mini Polaroid pictures: I would only use the Mini Polaroid Camera and capture candid photos of you, your partner, the wedding party, and the reception! You can choose how many hours of coverage you want, and how much film to depend on your price.

Option 2: The Polaroid 600: This is the older camera with the original size photos. I would only use this camera to capture your day! Same with the other, you can choose how much coverage you want to depend on your price. This option will be a bit pricier since the film is more expensive. 

Option 3: I can definitely use and bring both cameras to capture your day! If you want the best of both worlds, depending on the moment and lighting, I can switch back and forth, so you would get a variety of pictures! This pricing would be in the middle of the two other options depending how much film you want and how many hours of coverage! 

Option 4: If you choose this as an Add-On to the Social Media Content, we will figure out how much film you would want, as it would be less than choosing this as your main feature, for pricing! 

morning of wedding polaroid photos

Do you travel?

Yes! I am based in Bozeman Montana, but I do travel for your wedding day! Let’s book a phone call to talk about all the details! 

wedding day guest book

Do we get all the polaroids?

YES! They are all yours! I will come with enough film to capture all of your moments based off of your guest count that you give me. 

Montana wedding content creation

When do we get the polaroids?

We will talk before your event to set up a place that I will store your images before I leave your wedding so that the pictures don’t get lost or misplaced. 

Will these photos be posed or candid?

We will talk on the phone before to make sure I get exactly what you are wanting! I can either stand in the same area for cocktail hour and grab a picture of every single guest, or I can just run around your reception grabbing whatever I see!  

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