Boot Scootin’ Beyhive Bash: The Ultimate Beyonce-Themed Bachelorette Party Guide in Bozeman, Montana

This ain’t Texas, but if you can’t get enough of Beyonce’s country album and need a little mountain getaway, come to Bozeman, Montana, for your last rodeo bachelorette party! In this blog, I will give you the dream itinerary for a Beyonce-themed bachelorette party so you don’t have to lift a finger and enjoy!

When you land at the terminal, you will fly into Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport and snap a picture of the gorgeous Bridger Mountains. Now throw your keys up and park your Lexus! I recommend renting a car in Bozeman because it’s at least 25 minutes from your Airbnb and downtown Bozeman!

Stick around ’round, ’round, ’round, ’round, ’round; I have compiled a list of great Airbnb and VRBOs with beautiful locations for your personal BeyHive to relax and get ready for shenanigans!

Lazy Bear Cabin

Ross Creek Cabins

Trails Edge

Gorgeous Downtown Bozeman Home

Surprise your crew with customized decorations as you arrive for your weekend! You’ll want to film your friends’ reactions as they take this in – a dedicated corner of the Airbnb for group photos with a themed backdrop, fun balloon phrases, and even gift bags. You can hire Anna with Lodico Event Co. to check into your Airbnb for you and decorate the entire space so that you don’t have to try to pack all the decorations, and it leaves more room for your furs, spurs, and boots.

Just some ideas of gift bag goodies for your bridal crew that also support local business are:
-Intrigue Ink: “Cowgirl Camp” t-shirts, trucker hats, stickers, and tote bags.
-Glo Luxury Oils: Committed to creating and delivering 100% natural and organic products to nourish, protect, and regenerate your skin without compromising health, safety, quality, or sustainability.
-Bequet Caramels
-Treeline Coffe Roasters “the perfect cup of coffee” bean packets
-Single Barrel Laiqour Room: Pinup girl bandanas and art, shooters, and mixers
-Common Form: Designed and produced by Commonform locally in Bozeman, Montana, where we are guided by our belief that good design is for everyone. We aim to make effortless, high-quality, affordable, modern pieces.
-Kelly Jean Snacks: This perfect snack will also adapt to your environment! It can be a chilled candy bar when pulled from the freezer and eaten right away. Toss in your bag and have a room-temperature snack ready to be enjoyed with a simple tear & squeeze. Either way- enjoy!
-Nourishment Wellness Drinks: Guiding your wellness journey through nutrition support, empowerment, and a lot of balance.

Now that we are checked into our new digs, let’s go to the basement. That shit aint pretty with rugged whiskey. We will set the course of your 16 carriages to Copper Whisky Bar! I suggest getting a reservation so that they are ready for you when you arrive. Copper is ideally located in the heart of downtown Bozeman. They have the best whisky coke, incredible steaks and burgers, and the best brussels in town! If you have dietary restrictions, I think Copper has a comprehensive menu to make everyone happy!

We headin’ to the dive bar we always thought was nice… Friday would be perfect for your dive bar crawl! I have already made a blog post about all the best dive bars in Bozeman with a map included so you can stumble all over Bozeman with your spurs to get the cheapest drinks and hilarious stories in the morning.

Bozeman Montana bachelorette party

There’s a heatwave coming at us; it’s too hot to think straight. If you are coming to Bozeman in the summer and looking to get tan for those bridesmaid’s dresses, I highly suggest floating the Madison River! If you want to be whisked away and not have to figure out all the logistics of put-in and take-out spots, I recommend hiring Maddison River Floating. It’s as country as it gets! You tie your tubes together as you float down the Madison River! Just make sure you get an extra tube with a net to carry all the beer you want!

If you want to do the river float by yourself, you will need two different cars, load them down with floats for all of you, and have an extra one, just in case! You can rent tubes at Big Boys Toys, Montana Whitewater Rafting, ASMSU at MSU, Round House, and Pink Cowboy. If you want to buy them, you can use Owenhouse Ace Hardware, Walmart, and Target. You will drop one car at Black’s Ford Fishing Access, then put everyone in the car and drive to Warm Springs Access. You will want to pack sunscreen, river shoes, canned beers, a hat, and rope to tie up to each other and pump for your tubes!

For that down home vibe I suggest going to the Roost, Best Burger, or Finks Deli for a late lunch. Then, head back to the Airbnb to shower and relax a bit.

Bozeman Montana bachelorette party

If you still have energy, I suggest going downtown and shopping! If you want to surprise your bride with a white cowgirl hat customized just for her, I would tell Meshika Hatmaker or Bang Bang Hat Company. Or gorgeous boots at Headwest. If you guys are looking for cool t-shirts to all match or to remember your time in Bozeman, go to Intrigue Ink! If you want to ensure your bride has something hot to wear the night of her honeymoon, I suggest going to Suelto for something sexy!

Bozeman Montana bachelorette party

It’s time to have a real-life hoedown! Don’t be a bitch; take it to the floor now. For dinner, I suggest going to Bourbon for BBQ and dancing lessons that turn into country swing dancing all night! You can make a reservation to ensure a table close to the action. Then, they have line dancing lessons and swing dance tips with Western Roots Country Dancing. If you want to change bars as the night goes on, Pinewood Social Club is next door with bowling, shuffleboard, and pool.

Or you could always drive out to Stacy’s Bar for the best steak of your life and the Solargenic, photogenic shoot of a Montana bar. There will always be a concert going on next door at The Westerner! You will want to make sure you have a DD if you drive out all that way. Also, note that those bars are the only things out that way, so make sure you like the band you will see before heading out there.

Bozeman Montana bachelorette party

If you need an excellent greasy hangover breakfast on Sunday morning, I suggest Storm Castle Cafe, The Western Cafe, or Cat’s Paw. All of these will have a wait to get into, so send your most chipper friend first to get on the list! All these Western breakfast places have great places to wait, like Granny’s Donuts, Roly Poly Coffee, and Vienne, if you can’t wait to eat a little something before your real breakfast!

If you want to go a little less country and your city vibe is calling, go to Jam, Tanglewood, or Farmer’s Daughter.

Bozeman Montana bachelorette party

If you didn’t go shopping on Saturday, you could always go on Sunday. Most of our downtown shops are still open! But the perfect way to end this weekend is some movement and fun! We have so many amazing workout opportunities here in Bozeman! If you want to do a group hike, I suggest Drinking Horse, Triple Tree, or chasing waterfalls at Palisades Falls and Grotto Falls. I recommend Black Orchid and Zephyr if you love a high-energy party vibe while you cycle. If you have always wanted to try pole dancing and enjoy a bit of a country twist, I would suggest @DJ_pistoldani for a fun class to laugh with your crew and let loose! Or if you are wanting a full relax and unwind time I would suggest getting a class with Glo Luxury Oils to spoil yourself with facials!

Plonk drink in womens hand

After a you’ve been running all over Bozeman all day you are going to want a delicious last supper together! I would suggest heading to Plonk or Brigade for a fun cocktail and appetizer. Then make your way to either Revelry, Brigade, Open Range.

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