Best Dive Bars in Bozeman Montana

Bozeman, Montana is an awesome city that’s well-known for its stunning natural beauty, interesting history, and awesome local culture. One of the coolest things about the city’s social scene is all the dive bars you can find around town. These bars are the perfect place to chill after a long day, meet up with friends, and get a feel for the local vibe. In this guide, we’re gonna check out the best dive bars in Bozeman, Montana and what makes them so special. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you won’t wanna miss out on these bars if you wanna experience the real spirit of Bozeman.

Cat’s Paw

Unpretentious watering hole for locals. Our little Vegas with a HUGE wall of TV’s when you walk in. Live poker going all day, and the pool tables! Just don’t make eye contact with all the taxidermy, they’ve definitely seen some stuff. If you are in need of a greasy hangover breakfast this is your place! And as you leave, never forget to go to the liquor store that is connected that always gives you a free bag of ice!

Dive bars in Bozeman Montana

Hide-A-Way Lounge & Liquor Store

First time I went to this bar, my bartender had a black eye, and I just knew I was going to love it here! When you park in that wild parking lot all you see is a liquor store. Walk into the liquor store and there is a window for the best greasy bar food in town! Some of the best wings and fries in town. And did I mention mini corn dogs?! They aren’t on the menu anymore, but ask and you shall receive. Food a bit expensive, but worth it.

Bozeman Montana dive bar

The Molly Brown

Surprisingly large bar that is always bumping! The first time I went here I saw a woman hit a guy over the head with a pool cue, and he got bounced, but she didn’t. I freaking laughed so hard and paid for her next game. Every Wednesday they have a great Trivia night and Bingo on Tuesdays.

Montana dive bar

The Legion

If you want to hang out with the locals and get the strongest drinks in town head to the Legion. They have a great window that opens to the Bozeman’s main street and you can sit and look out at all the college kids running to their Ubers. They also have an amazing karaoke night on Mondays at 9pm Thursdays at 9:30pm.

The best dive bars in Montana

Haufbrau House

If you don’t want to figure out parking on Main street, but you want to be able to walk to MSU super easily head to the Haufbrau! They first opened in 1961, so you will see alumni from MSU telling old college stories, or current college students listening to music. It’s an extremely casual atmosphere to enjoy a cold beer, a hearty burger and a show featuring local talent.

Montana dive bar

The Eagles

I love that the Eagles because when you first walk in and see a wall of photos of people that look like your grandparents, but they really do come alive at night! They are such a great place for members of the community to host their events. SO check their marquee outside for everything that is going on.
Thursdays- Karaoke @ 9pm Bozeman’s Best Entertainment
Saturdays- Bingo at 6pm

drinks in Bozeman

Spectators Sports Bar & Grill

“Spectators Sports Bar & Grill is a locally owned business located right here on Montana State University campus that has been proudly serving the Bozeman Montana community for over 25 years! We love our Bobcats and we believe there is no better feeling than getting together with your friends, family and colleagues to cheer on your favorite team while truly enjoying yourself with your favorite beverage and fresh delicious food! With 20 TVs and a wide selection of TV packages, it’s hard to find a game or sporting event you can’t catch at this popular Bozeman bar. Pair that with a burger and a bucket of beers and your plans for the day just took care of themselves. Come cheer on your favorite team at one of the best sports bars in Bozeman! In addition to our regular menu of tasty, fresh-made burgers, wings, pizza, salads and more, we also have daily food and drink specials to give your wallet a break. If you’re looking for the over-priced Bozeman food scene, you won’t find it at our bar! We serve delicious, affordable food & drink that hits the spot while you’re out enjoying time with your friends. Come in anytime to make bets on the games, take your chance at shake-a-day or play poker on one of our machines.”

Montana recommendations

Cannery Lounge & Package Liquor

Just look for the “Sorry we are open” sign on Main Street in downtown Bozeman. I love going to the Cannery for a beer and food at Bob’s Burger next door.

“At The Cannery & Burger Bob’s, we provide fast, friendly, & courteous service at fair prices. If for any reason we fail to live up to this promise PLEASE don’t tell anyone! We are a semi-classy eating establishment with dishwater coffee & questionable atmosphere.”

“The Cannery was established in December 1982 by Bob Fletcher who, together with his family, has owned and operated the establishment since. Together the two provide a fun atmosphere for our locals and to all Montana State University sports fans and alumni! Whether you live near by or are just stopping through, we would love to have you come in to say hello!”

Montana dive bar

Filling Station VFW

The Filler just looks like someplace you want to pull over and just check out what’s happening! It’s in between storage units and has tons of road construction signs all over it. They have great parking and tons of picnic tables outside to enjoy the sunshine. They also are known for at least 3 nights a week of live music!

The Zebra Bozeman Montana

The Zebra

I you made it this far this is the treasure chest that you have been looking for. The Zebra is insanely hard to find and sometimes doesn’t want to be found. I pinkie promise that you will not find this place by yourself! Go down, downtown, in Bozeman on Main Street. Go play poker all night with full poker tables, and gaming machines. It is your one stop shop for fun, food, and drinks!

The Crystal

Open 365 days a year! A great full service bar with worn in tables, stickers everywhere, and cheap drinks. The moment it gets over 50 degrees you will have a line of Bozemaniets trying to sit on the rooftop bar. Spend some time over by the bathroom looking at the wall of fake IDs they’ve taken. And if you can guess what bra is mine hanging on the wall I will pay for your drink.

The Bowling Alley Bozeman Montana

The Bowl

I cannot believe I’m saying this. But look, the Bowl is the cheapest drink in town. If you can get over the sound of bowling pins smashing in the background, it’s such a fun vibe! They just remodeled, so you don’t feel as weird saying you are going for a drink at a bowling alley like your mysterious Uncle Al. They have a few casino machines and TVs. They also have an excellent greasy bar food restaurant, Hambones. Everything fried that you can imagine: pickles, cheese curds, mushrooms, churros, and chicken cordon bleu bites. They also have salads, sandwiches, and pizzas that my friends get door dashed because they love them so much.

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