How you can use a Wedding Day Content Creator to benefit your business!

I know you are probably incredibly excited to start your wedding season! I’m sure you have specific weddings that you are excited about because of choices that your clients have made, and I am right there with you! We all start the wedding day with high hopes of grabbing all of those behind the scenes moments, so you can go home and brag all about your work to future clients! However, how many times have you taken the “before” and forgot the “after”, or you were focusing so hard on our client that we forget to take all of those extra BTS videos and once you’re are in the car packed up you are completely without content. I do the exact same thing y’all, I am right there with you. It’s so hard to do it all, it’s nearly impossible!

Personally, I get so much more interaction from followers when people can see me interacting with my clients, instead of just me taking videos of my brides and grooms.

Let me introduce you to someone who can help you out! Emma Rathe is a Content Creator for weddings, engagements, elopements, etc! She is the gal you go to for all of those behind the scenes videos, candids, and cute things that the photographer or videographer just can’t get. So, for the rest of this blog, I am going to let her take over and explain to you her process!

Hi friends! As Leanna said, my name is Emma and I am a Content Creator. When you hire me as your Content Creator, I will act like your team member for the day! Depending on what you need, we can meet up or have a phone call to chat about what you really want to post in the next days after an event and I will make sure to capture everything you need. If I’m hired by you, I will make sure that the couple feels comfortable with me there, and I will be happy to even send them some of the videos as well if that makes the couple happier! I am going to come dressed in fun and work appropriate clothing, but if you want me to wear something specific or a certain color, I am more than happy to do that! I will bring my own food and drinks so the couple doesn’t feel like they have to pay for me in any way.

Once we make the content for the day and head back from the event, I will edit all the videos we talked about before-hand, and I will send them to you with sound/song ideas and caption options. I will also send all the extra videos that I didn’t use in the reels so you can use them for any other content.

Let me break down what kind of content I can capture on a wedding day for you so you can fully focus on the job you were hired for! In the paragraphs below, I have ideas for Reel’s and TikTok’s for each type of vendor so that we can make sure to show off your amazing work! Also, keep in mind these videos can always be put on your website so you can show your future clients how you work on a wedding day.

Hair and Makeup Artists:

Oh man, how many times do you take a ‘before’ picture/video of a bride and then forget the ‘after’ shot? I am there to make sure we get a photo of everyone in the bridal party you are doing hair and makeup for, so you can showcase your work in and for all ages, skin tones, and hair textures! Also, it feels like the bride normally reposts the ‘before and after’ of hair and makeup the day after their wedding because it’s some of the only content that is already created for them! With me there, I can immediately post these things and have them ready for your business page, tag them and post so they can repost right away!

Below is a list of Reels I could make for you:

-Before and After of every client you have! Even down to a flower girl!

-You dancing and singing with the bride while you do their hair 🙂

-Princess Diaries “We took this and this and turned you into…”

-Your process of setting up your makeup kit, finding great light, helping everyone look beautiful, and then packing up and getting a margarita.

-Showcasing you giving a touch up kit to your bride and what is all in it.

-Endless videos of you working with different clients so you have content of you working with which you can post with information you want to share with future clients!

using an iphone to capture wedding day moments so you can download them to social media the next day


A Wedding Florist is one of those jobs that is so out of sight on a wedding day. While the couple is getting dressed for their big day, you are out there busting your butt and sweating to install a beautiful floral arrangement in the middle of a field. With that said, you have a lot to handle on your own! I can come with you for your early install of the flowers then stay and capture some video of the bridal party using their bouquets or boutonnière’s. There is SO much content that possible clients just don’t get to see because you’re too busy to film and set up! So let’s showcase that hard work with videos that explain why you are worth the money.

Ideas for Reels:

-Showing your client their bouquet for the first time!

-Setting up the arch, and your process in doing so.

-Helping put boutonnière’s on.

-A day in the life with behind the scenes videos of you receiving the flowers until you put them up!

-Showing different ways on how to hold a bouquet.

-Showing what is your kit you bring with you to every event.

-I can also stay and photograph the bridal party pictures so you get your bouquets in action!

Montana wedding content creator

Wedding Day Planners

I think wedding planners are the most unsung heroes on a wedding day. It feels like they can’t be caught having any down time at all by anyone, so they barely get to be on their phone to capture all the hard work. So, I can come shadow you and document everything you do while you set up in the morning. I can be all done when you need to start lining people up for the ceremony if you don’t want anyone to see that you are doing promotional work for yourself. Or you can hire me in a way where you can tell your couple I am there to take fun candid videos for their wedding day, and then I can be a double agent and get content of you and your couple! Win Win!

Reel ideas that I could capture for you:

-How many times someone asks you a question, especially the same question!

-The quick change of you going from athletic wear to your outfit you wear for the wedding.

-You directing everyone with all your spreadsheets and packet of papers. Showing everyone what a BOSS you are!

-Getting everyone in their spots to walk into the ceremony.

-Before and afters of the venue.

-Wedding planner putting out fires and answering questions, then cut back to mother of the bride or groom having fun with their guests! This can showcase that since they hired a planner, the mother’s get to have a great time.

-Planner packing everything up at the end of the night and getting it to a safe space instead of family and friends cleaning up tables in their formal clothes.

Wedding DJ’s

WOW! I feel like I never see wedding DJ’s on social media, but it’s always the top question on a wedding planning facebook page! Everyone wants to know the vibe that your DJ brings, and how they work with the wedding guests. This way I can be there and capture why they shouldn’t just have someone with an iPod putting things in a Que.

Reel ideas for you:

-Playlists of song ideas for all the first dances, including the mother and father dance.

-People having a blast on the dance floor to your music!

-How you go from a dead dance floor to a popping dance floor. It always happens.

-Hauling all your equipment from the ceremony space to the reception space while keeping the vibe strong with music.

-Going over all the do and don’t plays! And how each couple has a complete different vibe!

-Talking with the bridal party learning how to say all of their names while you introduce them.

wedding content creator in Bozeman Montana


I think it is a great idea to have an ‘add on’ option in your wedding package to have me come with you for the day to grab all those videos and candids you just don’t have the time for! You can use all the fun videos I capture to grab someone’s attention at the beginning of a reel, then have a your beautiful pictures featured right after them. Also, everyone loves to see videos of how you wrangle a bridal party, get the shot, and showcase some of your prompts to make couple feel comfortable.

Ideas for Reels and TikToks:

– Video of the moment cutting to the pictures from that moment.

– Day in the life of a wedding photographer: starting your day packing and through your whole event to the end of the night packing up.

– Videos of how you work and engage with your clients!

– All the crazy places you put yourself in to get that exact angle!

– You working and collaborating with the other vendors.

– Where you run off to snack and take a short break to hype yourself back up!

– What’s in your bag? Which camera’s do you use, which lens are your favorites…etc.


I know there might be a feeling of animosity between iPhone videos and a real Videographer, but I think this would be an amazing sell to show how much better your wedding film will be. It will also give you something to give them within 24 hours so you can tie them over before you send your video over. I can get some crazy and great behind the scenes videos of you actually working and showing who is behind the camera.

Ideas and Reels:

-What your guests (or what I) capture vs. what your videographer captures!

-The prompts and things you say to clients to make them feel comfortable.

-You explaining how to put on the mic and how to hide it.

– Day in the life of start to finish, and how you work.

– Engaging with the photographer and working together.

– Showcasing what is on your list of things to shoot and cut to those videos.

Wedding Venue

I know you have couples that you are so excited about that are using your wedding venue because they are doing something different and unique, or showcasing all of your venue’s features! I know you don’t want to wait 2 months to get those photos/videos back because you want to show off your place and how beautiful it can be to your future clients. I think some couples feel like they are going to get in trouble with their wedding venue owners so they get a little timid in asking about what they can do. So, offer your couple a wedding Content Creator to get all those fun behind the scenes and then you can use them on your site to promote and showcase all the fun things you can do! Your future clients will love to see that!

Ideas for Reels:

– Each part of your venue before and after decorations.

– How each couple can move things around/change up the venue to make it look like their own.

– Venue staff working with all other vendors and what that process is like.

– Venue talking with couple or sharing what is important for that couple to have, and then cutting to a video of it being put to life.

These are all just some ideas I am sharing with you, but I very much love to collaborate and make sure I am creating the Reels and TikTok’s YOU want on your page! This is all for each of you, and I work to make them specific to each client. We can talk all about the things that are important for you to have in our meeting before the event, so we can make sure we are on the same page and share all ideas we have with each other!

I hope this helps you understand more about a Content Creator, and if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me and ask! There is a ton of info on Leanna’s website as well if you click on the Content Creator page. Hope to work with you all soon!

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