Allison and Dawson had such a fun and wonderful wedding at the Billings Depot! They are the cutest couple, and they are so in love I could cry. I had an amazing time working this wedding and it was such an honor to be a part of their special day! 

downtown billings wedding

Downtown Billings Wedding!

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denver wedding

Ben and Kaylee were the most thankful bride and groom I’ve ever worked with! All day long, whenever guests came up to them, the couple took time to express their gratitude and how meaningful it was for them that their guests had come out for their wedding. ​​​​​​​​They got married near Denver at the Wellshire Inn. It was stunning! I managed to pull them away for golden hour and they stopped me, asked me to put my camera down (I started panicking that something was wrong) and they said that they wanted to take a moment to thank me properly for my time and work. They wrapped me up in a big hug and told me how much they loved having me at their wedding. It was so gosh darn sweet and it gave me a boost of confidence for the rest of the night!

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Ben + Kaylee’s Wedding Day!

photoshoot for those living alone

For my friends living the dream, and living alone…. This blog today is for YOU! 

Yes, I love doing a photoshoot of couples in love. You all know I love Love. But I ALSO really love capturing people solo, kicking ass on their own! Anyone out there in search of a photoshoot by themselves, whether it be just for fun or capturing something important to you, hit me up and let’s do it!!

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Home photoshoot for those living alone!

what your bridal party can help you with

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Hello beautiful people! I had a lot of traction on this idea, and thought I would get into it a bit more for you. What can you ask of your bridal party the day of your wedding?? (Or even the week of your wedding!) We are asking a lot of our bridal party by buying an outfit, possibly traveling, AND spending a whole weekend prepping and getting ready for the I do’s. But I think it’s still very important to have jobs for each bridal party member the day of, so they know exactly how to help you out. Especially if your friends haven’t been in a ton of weddings, they are usually looking for some direction. They’re all there anyway, for YOU, and are probably asking how they can help, so let them!

What you can ask your Wedding Party to do for you the day of your Wedding!

Hello my beautiful people getting ready for their wedding! I hope all is going well for you! I wanted to hop on here to chat about your guest’s attire and how you can tell them what you’d like them to wear! YES, you have that power! 

I was just photographing a wedding, and a guest told me that the bride made a little collection of photos on their wedding website to give options to the guests on what to wear. Sort of like a Pinterest board! I thought that was SUCH a good idea, especially if you want a specific vibe from your guests on your wedding day.

wedding guest attire

How to tell your guests what to wear to your Wedding!

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ways to make cash at your wedding other than the dollar dance

I remember the first Montana wedding I went to when all of a sudden there was an call to the dance floor. “Bring up all the cash you have, and pin it or stuff it in the brides dress!” Yes, you heard me right, they were STUFFING dollar bills into the brides wedding bodice. This began my hatred of the dollar dance. 

Of course, I will never shame anyone for doing a dollar dance or enjoying the dollar dance. To each their own! It is a good way to see all your guests and make a little money for your honeymoon, but it always stops the dance floor mid party! So, I just wanted to showcase a few fun ideas, besides the dollar dance, on how to make money at your wedding AND keep the party going!

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How to make a little cash at your Wedding without doing the Dollar Dance!

bachelorette or bachelor weekend in bozeman

Hey hey hey beautiful people! I am so pumped for you as you plan your Bachelorette/Bachelor parties!! HOW FUN!!! I wanna come… hehe 🙂

Anyway, I know it’s hard planning a party and to find things to do in a place you may have not been, so I am here to help you! There is SO much to do in Bozeman, so I have put a list together of some of my favorite things!

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Bachelorette Party Ideas in Bozeman

how to prepare for your senior pictures

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Hello my amazing and wonderful seniors! How are you? How are you feeling about it all? Are you ready for your senior year?? Pshh, I know you are. You got this! Also, it’s time for those pictures if you haven’t already had them. I am SO excited to meet y’all and have fun! 

I wanted to walk through what you should get ready, what you need to plan for and what things to get ready the week before your shoot and the day of! So, let’s start with the week before…

Things to know the week before your Senior Pictures!

Hey hey hey, my wonderful people who are planning and getting ready for your wedding! I know there is so much to do, a ton of things to think about, especially trying to include your little furry babes. I understand that these little monsters are just like family and that their part in photos and the ceremony is so important to capture! So, I did some research for y’all for what locations and venues allow or accept you to bring them along!! Below I have listed few awesome venues in Montana that will welcome them! 

pet friendly wedding venues in montana

Bozeman, Paradise Valley & Big Sky Dog Friendly Wedding Venues!

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health and wellness retreat weekend

Hey hey hey, Happy Friday! Today I wanted to chat about why you should hire a photographer for your retreat or workshop! 

Sooooo, if you are planning to host a retreat or wanting to host a retreat, but the thought of marketing, promoting and planning it all is a little daunting; or maybe you’ve already hosted one in the past and still feel too overwhelmed of also sharing content during the retreat! I totally get that. I am right there with you! It is A LOT to do and think about. It’s hard to capture the moment while you’re trying to be in and live in the moment. Also, I’m sure you see your retreat attendees going through the same thing! Maybe after the retreat had ended, you found yourself wishing you had a way to show others what you and everyone else got to experience! Or even your attendees might wish they had more photos to relive the memories and experiences! It’s hard to find that balance, especially all on your own.

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Why you should hire a photographer for your Retreat or Workshop!