The Woodlands, Bozeman Montana: Wedding Planning Guide!

I am SO happy to share Madi and Chase’s wedding day, especially because we share a wedding anniversary now! Madi and Chase are not only high school sweethearts, not only middle school sweethearts, but Chase has been in love with Madi since elementary school when he asked her what her favorite candy bar was and she said butterfingers! The next day he brought a butterfingers to school. How cute is that?! It was so fun getting to watch Madi sign her new last name like she had practiced so many times on her school binders with hearts all around it. 

I want to share their wedding photos and details with you to inspire all of you with ideas you can create in this space at The Woodlands! First off, you have to give it up to them for the best entrance into the reception! Definitely best one I’ve seen! Chase loves anything with a motor, so he asked Madi if she would be willing to jump on a dirt bike with him and ride into the reception after the bridal crew was announced. She said yes, and so did the Woodlands! Everyone LOVED it! They came zipping in and he revved that engine as loud as he could and got the crowd went wild, ready for the best night!

I also really loved how Chase and Madi took a ton of time to spend with each other just the two of them. In their wedding day schedule, they made time for a 30 minute first look with personal vows and time to sit on the bench, look out on the ceremony site, and soak it all in together. Then after the wedding, they were swept away to an adorable rope porch swing where they chatted for about 30 minutes and their coordinator brought them Hors d’oeuvres and drinks. 

About The Woodlands 

At The Woodlands, you have tons of options for your event spaces. Outside, there’s a beautiful  meadow covered in wildflowers. The trees tower over you and create a gorgeous backdrop!! For receptions, the great room is huge and also flexible. It can be made into whatever your dream is. This venue can host up to 200 people! The patio is right outside the great room and is a really great spots for guests to chat and hang out if the weather permits. Also, this venue has a pair of get-ready rooms that are comfortable and private for the bride and groom’s parties! 

They are open and available to book in May through October. A ton of clients book the venue sight unseen but every time they get there, they are even more blown away once they see it in person!

Where is The Woodlands?

The Woodlands is in the canyon up a dirt road South of Bozeman. It has gorgeous bendy trees and it’s a well laid out wedding venue which always makes it a favorite for me to photograph!

Closest Major Cities/Towns:

  • Driving Time From Bozeman: 24 minutes 
  • Driving Time From Livingston: 50 minutes 
  • Driving Time From Belgrade: 30 minutes 
  • Bozeman Airport : 30 minutes 
  • Billings Airport: 2 hours 30 minutes 

How to Drive to The Woodlands 

When you put the address into any map app it takes you right to it! Just know it take it slow! It’s a lot of back roads that are pretty windy, so please take your time and leave a little bit of time to get there in case of traffic or ice. (You never know in October…)

Why Have Your Wedding at The Woodlands?

The Woodlands has to be one of my all-time favorite venues to photograph, because I think it was very well thought out and designed. It’s the little details they thought about including not being able to see the parking lot at all once you are at the venue so you don’t have to crop out cars in the pictures. That may seem silly, but trust me, that’s a great bonus! It’s also extremely accessible for grandparents and people that might need a wheelchair or assistance walking. You can drive your car right up to the dance floor or right up to the ceremony site, along with all ADA bathrooms on the first floor.

The bridal suite has just been redone and it’s perfect for pictures! You have small silhouettes of chairs and couches to sprawl out all of your things, plenty of mirror space, a bathroom with a shower and toilet upstairs, and a great little kitchen with fridge and counterspace for snacks! I also love that it has windows facing out to everything you want to see the day of! So, your bridesmaids can watch the first look from inside, and the bride can watch as all the guests come in! Such a great amenity! The guys also have a good space to get ready in with access to play pool and darts inside. A lot of the times I take them out the sliding glass door to the patio to take a few pictures of them getting ready. Most Montana wedding venues stick the groom in a closet or a really small space, and it always makes me so sad. So this place is great with two amazing getting ready rooms for both of you!

Some FAQ’s about The Woodlands Venue… 
Do you know a good officiate, photographer, caterer or florist?

This area is full of many talented and amazing vendors! Refer to the vendor section.for The Woodlands recommendations of vendors. Or, if you prefer, The Woodlands can facilitate and coordinate arrangements with your vendors outside of their options for greater ease with your planning process. Keep in mind though, this service incurs a 15% fee in addition to vendor fees. I have a list of my personal favorite Bozeman area vendors below as well!

Can we bring in our own food or alcohol?

Yes! They offer you the flexibility and cost savings of choosing your own caterer. I really love that they do this, because so many other locations don’t allow this option! 

Does The Woodlands provide onsite staff working each event?

No, the onsite staff is provided by the catering service from the caterer of your choice. They do have staff that will be there to complete the setup and/or clean up if you have chosen these options when you book with them. Also, during the hours of your rental, there will be a manager on site to help with questions throughout the event. 

Does The Woodlands allow pets?

They unfortunately do not allow your guests to bring pets. Which is a bummer for sure, I know how much you want them there with you! However, we will make an exception for a dog or dogs of the bride and groom (perhaps a ‘ring bearer’) with approval from The Woodlands and any service dogs as well! So, bride and groom, just talk to them about it and I’m sure you could work something out! 

Can we have a rehearsal at The Woodlands for the wedding ceremony?

The rental of The Woodlands is for the hours from 10 AM the day of your event to 8 AM the following day. Occasionally brides want their rehearsal at The Woodlands, so they will choose to have the rehearsal at 10 AM sharp on the day of their event. Others rent our location for the entire day before, at the discounted rate (the discount is available only 60 days prior to your event). I personally suggest to have your rehearsals off site and it will work out just fine. I promise! 

Planning Your Woodlands Wedding

I think the main sell on The Woodlands is truly the day of coordination that they offer! I have worked so many weddings throughout the year, and I was so impressed by Jaslin! She was on top of EVERYTHING! Helping guests feel comfortable and welcome, never asking the bride 1000 questions, even grabbing dinner in the buffet line for a grandparent who had a hard time getting up. I was incredibly impressed by her passion to help the couple make sure they had true alone time while also keeping calm and being fun! 

There is also a huge list of amazing event item rentals that are available for you when planning your day. For the couple, the Honeymoon Cabin we have is wonderful and romantic, and you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere else! However, if you choose to stay somewhere else, it’s about 10-miles away from Bozeman! 

The Best Time of Year to Get Married at The Woodlands 

Welcome to Montana where the weather is crazy temperamental! I will gloat about The Woodlands and say that since it’s so heavily wooded, no matter the weather, you will be covered from a lot of elements. May is typically around 65 degrees as a high to 38 degrees at the lowest. I would shoot for later May, because the snow and ground might still be thawing. June is a very popular month to get married in Bozeman so make sure to have all of your rentals booked ahead of time! July is when we start getting a little spicy with fire season and smoke, so keep that in mind! The trees are still beautiful though if it is smoky and you can’t see the mountains. You will still have stunning views! August is heating at 82 degrees as a high and 48 at night. This is something to think about, because dancing usually happens outside on the patio! I think it is super refreshing to be in the high 40’s while dancing so we aren’t dripping sweat. Madi and Chase’s wedding was on September 17th, 2023 and it was already crazy how many fall leaves had left the building by that point and it was starting to get pretty chilly. I think that you book the Woodlands for those deep greens and mossy trees, and not as much for the fall colors! 

Overall, I think that the couples who are planning a wedding in The Woodlands need to understand that there will not be a crazy beautiful golden hour/sunset glow because this venue is tucked in the hills and near mountain ranges. You have to add that to your timeline with your photographer to take you down to the canyon about 10 minutes if you want golden hour shots, or be happy with the moody atmosphere that is already at The Woodlands. 

Where to Stay Near The Woodlands 

All of these are just minutes from The Woodlands and could also be a great option for a rehearsal dinner space if you want as well!


Hotels, Lodges, & Resorts


Woodlands Wedding Package(s) / Wedding Cost

The packages they offer simplify your planning process by bundling what you need and want! You may choose any package at the time of booking and always have the flexibility of adjusting or upgrading your services throughout the planning process. I really love this about The Woodlands, and think it is helpful and wonderful that they offer changes if needed!

What’s Included in Your Woodlands Wedding Package:


Everything you need for a simple, intimate wedding.

9-hour Facility Rental

Available Monday through Wednesday

50 people or less

Setup | Breakdown | Cleanup



All the basics.

Weekday / Weekend

Full all-day facility rental

Setup | Breakdown | Cleanup

$7,000 – $11,000*


The basics with additional personalization and consultation.

Weekday / Weekend

Full all-day facility rental

Setup | Breakdown | Cleanup

Upgrades | Cabin | Rentals

$8,000- $12,000*

Madi and Chase’s Wedding Vendors:

These are the vendors Madi and Chase used, and everyone and everything was lovely!


Rental Companies




Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Hiring Your Woodlands Wedding Wedding Photographer

Well… I clearly love it here if I am writing a whole blog to try to get you to tie the knot here! But who am I? I am Leanna Krenik, and I am the proud owner of Leanna Joy Photography, and the images in this blog are pictures I took of a wedding at Woodlands Weddings Ranch on September 17th 2023 (My wedding anniversary). I am based in the mountains of Bozeman, but I love taking this one woman show on the road. My photography style is best described as bright, colorful, and full of my client’s personality! When I’m shooting, I am a full-time photographer and part time hype woman. I am happy to crack jokes the whole time, help you pose, and pump you up. Feel free to check out my website to learn more about me, and look through some of my work.

Woodlands Wedding Inspiration / More Woodlands Wedding Planning Resources

I truly have never seen such an amazing website for a wedding venue! The Woodlands has given you so many incredible galleries to look at for you to get unique ideas of what all couples have done with the space!

After that please go to their rental website to see what is already at the Woodlands to add to your wedding day package!

Fun Activities to Plan for Your Woodlands Wedding

I wanted to add in everything that Bodhi Farms offers just right down the road from The Woodlands! We recently stayed there and were blown away by their hospitality, amazing accommodations, and their restaurant! They have so many things to offer to keep tourists and locals excited. I think it is such a great space to tell your guests to stay at so they have endless entertainment!

Fly Fishing 101

Yoga and Meditaion 

Culinary Classes 



Sleigh Rides

Similar Venues You Might Enjoy

These are all venues within the area of The Woodlands! They might not have the exact same views, but they are very similar. 

I hope this helps your planning! The Woodlands is truly a wonderful venue, with helpful and lovely people. If you’re on the fence about it, or need more info, I would reach out to them and chat about some things to help make your decision! They want you to have the best day too, so they will help you no matter what your decision ends up being. 

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