Bozeman Courthouse Wedding!

Hello beautiful people planning weddings! Or not wanting to plan a wedding… haha. Maybe just a small plan. Well, if you’re not wanting to plan much, or wanting a small intimate wedding, this blog is for you! I had a lovely couple elope at the Bozeman Courthouse and then go get drinks and dinner with close family and friends, and it was an AMAZING day!

I got an email one week from this wedding couple saying “We are eloping!” The bride, Jaden, was so sweet and said she had been keeping her eye on my Instagram to hopefully have as her wedding photographer! The bride had such a cute story of how her parents were going to MSU and found out they were pregnant with Jaden, so they went to the courthouse and got hitched! They took a hilarious picture in front of the Bozeman District Court with the mom holding the dad by a rope. And we recreated it with Jaden and her fiancé Jeff! It was the cutest thing! 

After we took pictures in front of the Courthouse, they went in and got hitched and then we went around Bozeman to take some beautiful portraits! It was a perfect day! After the ceremony and portraits, I went with them to take some more pictures of a cute little date moment with cocktails and laughs! Such a great moment to soak in their special day. They had a select few to attend the ceremony at witnesses but then went to dinner with their families and some more friends and surprised her parents with their marriage by showing them the recreated picture!! What a fun and meaningful moment!! I LOVE IT!

For those wondering, I do offer an elopement package for 4 hours of coverage on your elopement day. I offer 4 hours because I think it makes time for your ceremony, portraits, and then a little date moment after the ceremony. It always helps to have beautiful pictures on your wedding day, so that when you tell friends and family you eloped you get to show them images that make them feel like they were there! And I am here to help you with that!

Some information about getting married at the Courthouse here in Bozeman… 
The Gallatin County Justice Court performs wedding ceremonies with the Justice Court judges open to do so during office hours. BUT!! Don’t forget, even though you’ll be getting married at the courthouse, you still need to  obtain your license from the Clerk of the District Court. The cost for that is $53! 

ALSO! Any judge at the Gallatin County Justice Court can perform your ceremony! Including judges of state and federal courts, Justice of the Peace, Minister, or any other person of a religious society that is authorized by the rules to perform the marriage ceremony. So double check whoever you pick has this authorization before scheduling your ceremony!! 

Keep in mind…excluding your marriage license, there is a $30 fee (cash or check only) to be married at the courthouse. You’ll also need an appointment to get married here! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to just walk in. So, you should contact the Courthouse at 406-582-2191 or stay and chat with the staff at the court facility after you have picked up your marriage license to ask about when they’re available to perform your ceremony! You won’t need to schedule too far in advance though, only two days’ notice to schedule your wedding! (Their availability is based on the Judges’ court schedule.) Once your wedding is scheduled, you’ll need to arrive no less than 5 minutes before to your ceremony time with your license in hand! Then BOOM you can be married! 

I absolutely loved getting to tag along with Jaden and Jeff. It was such a fun and beautiful day, and I am so honored I got to be part of it! If this is something that looks right up your alley, I hope some of this info helped! If you have any other questions, please reach out or leave comments below!! 

Some links below from their day if you’re interested! 

Link to get your marriage licence

Her Bouquet

Story Mill Park

Drinks and Dinner

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