Home photoshoot for those living alone!

For my friends living the dream, and living alone….This blog today is for YOU! But seriously, living alone is such a dream and everyone should experience it!

Yes, I love doing a photoshoot of couples in love. You all know I love Love. But I ALSO really love capturing people solo, kicking ass on their own! Anyone out there in search of a photoshoot by themselves, whether it be just for fun or capturing something important to you, hit me up and let’s do it!! 

Very often I feel like people think they need a significant other to book a photographer to capture their special moments. NOT TRUE. Your life right now and all of the memories you are making alone or with friends are just as important as someone who is engaged, getting married, or having a baby! And these memories and achievements you are going through deserve to be documented so you can look back and remember all of them. 

photoshoot for those living alone

A friend of mine decided to make a huge life change and move to downtown Bozeman without roomies! That’s right. Living ALONE. The greatest thing ever. She says that it was the best choice she has made for herself in a while! So, when she decided to move away from this apartment she wanted to make sure to have pictures so she could remember all the great memories and life realizations she had here. 

Let’s say you’ve just moved into your new place. You’ve been working on your home, making your nest, making everything your own. Let’s fill up an album of your memories and make sure to show it off to people! Because your memories are worth it whether you are with someone or not!

photoshoot for those living alone

Something I want to suggest is doing the photoshoot a month before you leave your apartment/house so it can still really look like your home without boxes, and by that point you will know the space so well and already have those connections with it!

So, the day of your photoshoot, take time to build your dream day in your house! If you have a photographer or if you are taking them yourself, or if a friend is taking them for you, everything I say here is just advice so you get the best images. Maybe think of something you’d like to document in your space that may include friends after you take your solo images! Maybe you spend the afternoon taking them of yourself, then invite whomever over for the evening! Like making dinner for friends, a movie night, or whatever activity is your favorite! And you can capture those moments as well! (At this point, I do suggest getting a photographer, so you can include all friends in those pictures and not have someone left out having to take them!)

You could even take a video of you walking around, opening the doors, hearing all the sounds. etc. Whatever you would want to look back on and reminisce with! This is YOUR shoot, YOUR moment. Soak it in and do it all!

I hope you take your own life by the horns and capture all those wonderful amazing memories you are making! Doesn’t matter if there’s someone with you or not, this is your life you want to remember and you are living it now! So let’s do this!

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