What you can ask your Wedding Party to do for you the day of your Wedding!

Hello beautiful people! I had a lot of traction on this idea, and thought I would get into it a bit more for you. What can you ask of your bridal/wedding party the day of your wedding?? (Or even the week of your wedding!) 

We are asking a lot of our wedding party by buying an outfit, possibly traveling, AND spending a whole weekend prepping and getting ready for the I do’s. But I think it’s still very important to have jobs for each bridal party member the day of, so they know exactly how to help you out. Especially if your friends haven’t been in a ton of weddings, they are usually looking for some direction. They’re all there anyway, for YOU, and are probably asking how they can help, so let them!

You could have bridal/wedding party that is from far away and has to fly to the wedding, or they could be your next-door neighbor! No matter where they are, there are things for people to do for you so you don’t get overwhelmed or too stressed out! You need to enjoy, soak in the moments and have fun! Don’t forget, this is you and your partners day! Take it!

For my wedding, I tried to think of each friend/bridal party member and what talents they had, then I asked them about a month out to help me with certain things. You can see that a lot of these things don’t cost any extra money, it’s just getting help with finishing touches! You cannot plan a wedding without asking for help! So, start a little notes page of how people can help you out as you think of them and keep writing them down. 

This might even be helpful for those not in your party, but other family and friends! Even the partners to your bridal party that aren’t booked out the whole morning and looking for things to do or ways to feel helpful! Use and ask anyone and everyone! 

What I had my bridal party do: 

Macy: Helped dry flowers and put them in cones for my ceremony exit, and also led a prayer before dinner! 

Jo: Steamed the dresses the morning of!

Syd: Coffee run for the bridal party the morning of… SUPER important!

Erin: Made t-shirts for all of us that were getting ready in the morning 🙂

Rylee: Made us a playlist of music for the morning, which was AMAZING!

Melanie: Painted a sign-in book for people to sign at the reception! 

Molly: Kept bringing me drinks on the dance floor and during the reception so I didn’t have to think about getting them or wait in line! 

Julia: Did my makeup that morning and made me look GORG! 

There are so many things you can have people help you with. None of them really cost extra money, but they take a tiny bit more stress off of you! 

Some other things you can ask of your wedding party: 

  • Pick up kegs & drop off kegs for reception
  • Load up and take all the presents back to your house after the reception
  • Take care of your puppy at home the day of your wedding or take care of puppy if he/she is at the wedding as well
  • Help you use the bathroom (IMPORTANT)
  • Make a playlist for Rehearsal Dinner
  • Help pick up any décor that’s left and all party night before after the reception can help you decorate those tables so it will go faster (if your venue doesn’t do it for you)
  • Pick up food and drinks up the morning of for while you get ready/before the ceremony
  • Help assemble invitations
  • Bustle your train after the ceremony and before the reception
  • Put boutonnieres on everyone
  • Check you into your hotel so you can head straight to your room
  • Decorate the getaway car if you’re wanting something a little extra
  • Bring your car around for the exit
  • Make sure you have a to go bag with everything you need for the end of the night and makes sure that it gets into the car
  • Airport ride to take you to your honeymoon the next day
  • Make sure you are eating the morning of and drinking loads of water! (And a glass of champagne….)
  • Bringing water for everyone throughout the day
  • Keeping the getting ready room clean for pictures

There is much more to add I’m sure, so if you think of anything else, feel free to comment and add to the list! I hope this helps, and don’t be afraid to assign these things to your party! They are there to help you and to make sure your day is smooth and special! YAY! 

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