Gluten Free Options in Bozeman!

Hello beautiful friends! I wanted to take some time and talk about Gluten Free Options in Bozeman for those traveling here for a wedding, engagement, or any kind of trip! Or maybe you already live here and are struggling to find new and fun Gluten Free options! I got you all! I know it’s hard to come to a new place and have to do research or just hope for the best wherever you go, so I thought I would put together a list of what I know to help you all out just a bit!

Let’s start with Breakfast! The most important meal of the day…

The Daily Coffee: They have a ton of baked goods options including Bundt cakes, cookies, brownies, scotch-krispies, tiny cakes, and tarts! 

Main Street Over Easy: This place is great! They have delicious options on the menu including gluten free toast and pancakes!  

Jam: They have so many wonderful plates that are fully gluten free, but they also have substitutes on almost everything to make it gluten free if you want! Definitely check Jam out!

Wild Crumb: They ALWAYS have at least 3 options of gluten free baked goods! And they are all SO tasty!! 

Feed Cafe: They have so many great dishes, and a few gluten free options as well including gluten free oat in their parfaits! 

Farmer’s Daughter: SO so so many healthy and hardy meals! You can’t go wrong here either!

And now onto Lunch!

Co-Op: The Co-Op has a lot to choose from! They have so many options in the hot food line, pre-packaged sandwiches, cookies, cakes and muffins! 

Naked Noodle: They have many options including a rice noodle or gluten free pasta! 

5 on Black: This is build your own bowl style, and EVERYTHING is Gluten Free!! Definitely check them out!

Mountain Berry Bowls: They have loaded Acai Bowls, and also everything is gluten free! Even their granola! (I believe they are also Dairy free!)

Alright, now it’s Dinner time!

Red Tractor Pizza: Um, this place is SO good. I love pizza. They have many gluten free options with gluten free crust, pizza options and beer! 

Little Star Diner: Gluten free options are marked on the menu and you can also ask your server for other options/to ensure it’s what you need! They’re super helpful here!

Pizza Campania: This place is incredible! (Again, I love pizza haha) They have GF pizza, pasta, beer and cider options!! 

gluten free options bozeman

Rice Fine Thai Cuisine: They also have a marked GF menu, and they all are very careful with making sure the GF options stay away from everything else!

Feast: Y’all. This place. Wow. Insanely delicious! They have so many options on their menu, and their staff is incredibly knowledgeable so feel free to ask if they have substitutes as well! 

Fresco Cafe: Such a great place and super careful with GF options! Their gluten free pasta is SO good!!

Bridger Brewing: This place is great. They have incredible beer (which are crafted to remove gluten if needed!) And their pizza also has GF options!

Sidewall Pizza: Such great pizza here too! Also loaded with GF pizza options! 

Whistling Pig Korean: The owners mother is Gluten Free, so they have a ton of GF options here that are incredible! 

If you’re not in the mood for a meal and just want some yummy GF snacks, Kelly Jean has amazing and delicious snacks!!

I hope this helps you all! I know it’s hard and scary trying to find all of this when you have so much else to do with your travels! Hope you find something yummy! Enjoy!

Here’s a map of all the options I listed above!

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