Wedding Processional Song Ideas/Playlist!

Welcome back my friends! I know you’ve come back to my blog because I have the best playlists ever and you love them so much, you just can’t get enough!! 😉  So… without further ado… today I will be sharing the best (and the last) of the wedding day playlists I have! Processional time, baby! Let’s have you walk down that aisle to something you absolutely LOVE. Something you that will hype you up, or calm you down. Whichever you need, I have both vibes right here for you. 

Let’s start with getting you comfortable walking down the aisle. I just want to throw out a couple tips and advice to those of you still unsure what you want to happen in this moment. Are you still questioning who you want beside you? Or maybe you’re just stuck on which song to choose? Let’s chat. 

Don’t feel like you have to have your dad or mom walk you down the aisle. If that’s not something you would feel comfortable with, or if those aren’t the people in your life that you want beside you right before those “I Do’s” then let’s think of other options for you! There is no right answer here. Remember, this is your day! You can do whatever you want, and I want you to be comfortable and excited! 

This person you choose to have walk down with you could be someone who raised you; Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, Mom, Dad! Or it could be someone completely different, someone that gives you that feeling of support! Maybe you’re especially close with a brother or sister? Maybe you have a best friend who has been with you through thick and thin and who you would want there to hype you up as you walk towards your partner. It can be less of a “giving away” moment, and more of a hype up, pep talk, encouraging moment for you! (Example: Schitt’s Creek, like omg how cute and amazing was that moment when Alexis walked down with David, UGH. Sobbing. Just don’t wear a white dress.. hahah!) OR you could walk down the aisle with your partner! That is always an option to walk down together! There’s even the option of walking down yourself. You don’t want anyone with you? No worries! You do you! Okay, have someone in mind? Amazing. Onto the next part!

Let’s chat music! The song doesn’t have to be slow if you don’t want it to be. Again, your day, your moment, your song! If you want it to be a party, make it a party! You wanna hype up and dance down that aisle?? GO FOR IT! Or maybe you do want a slower vibe to calm those nerves! Everyone is different. So pick something close to your heart, something that means something to you, or something that makes you move in the best way! 

This playlist I am sharing with you has everything… because I am a master playlist maker. Hehe, just kidding. But actually it’s a bomb playlist. Just like the previous ones, take from here if you find something you love, or maybe these songs and artists will jog your memory and make you think of other songs you love!

We’ve got some (sorta) oldies including Here Comes The Sun and Something by The Beatles; Songbird by Fleetwood Mac; The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel; One Love/People Get Ready by Bob Marley; Crazy Love by Van Morrison; You Send Me by Aretha Franklin; and You’re All I Need To Get By by Marvin Gaye; and many more! 

I also have a bit more of the Pop style on there including Right Where You Should Be by Quinn XCII; Love Like This by Ben Rector; Sweet Creature by Harry Styles; Your Song sung by Ellie Goulding; All of Me by John Legend; Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran; Parachutes, Magic, and others by Coldplay; and so much more! 

There’s also a ton of indie/folk/folk-pop/indie-rock…(you know the vibe here) including Skinny Love by Birdy; Dreamgirl and Oh by Dave Matthews Band; 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale; The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson; Bright by Echosmith; Half of My Heart by John Mayer; Stand by Me by Florence and the Machine; All I Want Is You by Barry Louis Polisar; Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart; You Really Got a Hold on Me by She & Him; and so many more! 

Of course, I have a few country songs including My Best Friend by Tim McGraw; Cowboy Take Me Away by The Chicks; Me and You by Kenny Chesney; You Are My Sunshine sung by Zach Bryan; and Sweet Symphony sung by Chris Stapleton and Joy Oladokun. (Chris Stapleton also has a ton of incredible songs that would be beautiful to walk down the aisle to!!) 

There are also a TON of Norah Jones songs in this playlist as well. She deserves her own little paragraph because she is incredible and I love her so much. Anything she sings is perfect and can be used to walk down the aisle to! 

I hope this helps a bit, take a look and listen through this playlist and see if anything pops out to you! Or maybe it will help you think of other songs from these artists you want to look up! Either way, happy processional song shopping and I hope you find the perfect one! If anyone has other ideas or song choices, feel free to comment them for others to look at as well! 

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