But What If I Don’t Want to get Married in a Barn?

Hello lovelies! I wanted to come on here and chat with you about some killer Bozeman spaces to hold your wedding! I get a lot of people coming to me, wanting to get married in Bozeman but are only being shown barns…and they say “Omg what if I don’t want to get married in a barn, but I want to get married here, ugh!” Haha, I totally feel you. And not to worry! There are so many other options, so I am sharing a list of places that are NOT barns you can get married in! 

The Woodlands: The Woodlands at Cottonwood Canyon is such a beautiful venue! AND it’s only 10 miles south of Bozeman, so it’s super close! They have both indoor and outdoor options for your wedding venue! For outdoor options they have The Meadow which is rooted in century old trees, and has that incredible fresh mountain air surrounded by wildflowers and songbirds. The other outdoor option is The Bridge, which is an actual bridge to signify you bridging your lives together! Both stunning. They also have an indoor option in case of weather! Check out their site to peruse packages and check out all the stunning weddings that they’ve had!   

LINK: https://www.montanawoodlands.com

Union Pacific Dinning Lodge: Located in West Yellowstone Montana, the Union Pacific Dining Lodge is GORGEOUS. It was built in 1925 and remains almost identical to what it used to be. They have two different rooms that can be used for your venue, one larger than the other. The Mammoth room is the largest room in the building: 6600 square feet. Yeah, it’s gigantic y’all. It’s built almost entirely out of local wood and stone, which is incredible and still gives that rustic feel. This room holds up to 400 people! The other room, Firehole Room is 1650 square feet, and holds 100 people. Great for smaller weddings or cocktail hour! Give this place a look and read more about the history!

LINK: https://unionpacificdininglodge.org

Sacajawea Hotel: This is located in Three Forks, and is such a cute and wonderful place! It’s a Historic Hotel of America destination and has offered over 100 years of western hospitality and service. It was refurbished in 2010 and was updated with many modern amenities! Not only can you hold your wedding here, but it can also lodge your guests! Yay! Both indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony, you can’t go wrong here. Check out their website for more info and digging!

LINK: https://www.sacajaweahotel.com

Rockin’ TJ Ranch: The Rockin’ TJ Ranch is located in Bozeman only 6 miles from downtown, with beautiful views of the Bridger Mountains! It is a wide open 10 acre site that still feels intimate and secluded! They have indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony, reception options and food service! They offer different packages with all of those to fit your style! Check them out and find which package is right for you 🙂

LINK: https://www.rockingtjranch.com

Bridger Bowl: Yes, Bridger Bowl!! Any skier couples looking for the perfect place?? Look no further. Bridger Bowl offers a wedding venue in one of the most stunning mountain ranges here. The lodge can hold 200 guests, and has full catering services if you need that as well. Check out their site for more information and inquiries! 

LINK: https://bridgerbowl.com/mountain/summer-activities

Rialto: Maybe you’re wanting something downtown, and a little different! We have that option as well. The Rialto Downtown Bozeman has a few different options for your wedding and/or reception! This is more of a contemporary vibe and has three unique spaces depending on your style and needs! Check them out to see if any of them fit what you’re looking for! 

LINK: https://www.rialtobozeman.com/weddings.php

Echo Arts: This space is a contemporary art gallery right here in Bozeman! They provide art services for pubic and private projects! Along with it being an arts advising agency and gallery, they also rent it out as a venue space! If you’re wanting something more contemporary and modern, this would be a cool space for you! Check them out!

LINK: https://www.echoarts.net

Kimpton Armory Hotel: The Armory is a Historical Hotel in Downtown Bozeman and is BEAUTIFUL! This also is a place that can hold your ceremony, reception and your guests can book a room. Everything in one place is always nice! It has stunning views at the top, and has a rooftop bar for those summer days and nights! They have a versatile indoor space and they also have partnerships with outdoor event venues if you’re wanting both! They offer so much, so check out their website to read all about it! 

LINK: https://www.armoryhotelbzn.com/bozeman-wedding-venues/?&utm_source=Google%20My%20Business&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=GMB&utm_term=armory

Bodhi Farms: Bodhi farms is right in the Gallatin Mountains, only a few miles from town! It has incredible views of the canyon and Cottonwood Creek. Anyone wanting to be surrounded by nature, rustic elegance and modern amenities, this might be the spot for you! You can get married outside, with options of event tents if you wish! Depending on the size of your party, they offer two spaces, one holding 150 guests, the other holding 50 guests. Check out their site to read about the venues and everything they offer! 

LINK: https://www.bodhi-farms.com/weddings-events

Blend: Blend is also right Downtown Bozeman, and is going to be for a bit more of an intimate wedding. If you’re looking for a smaller venue, Blend is stunning and could be perfect for you! They take care of everything, from food, drinks to details and logistics! They will help you along the way to make your night perfect! Check them out to see if this is what you’re looking for!

LINK: https://blendbzn.com/private-parties/

Sky Oro: Y’all already know how much I love Sky Oro and what they do for this community! BUT you can also rent this space for your events as well! The space is flexible and can be suited for a variety of events, including your wedding! Or reception! It has such a calm and inviting feel to it, I think it would be such a great space for an intimate/smaller wedding venue. Go to their website to read more about them and check out pictures! 

LINK: https://www.skyoro.club/space-rentals

I hope this list gives you some more options for your wedding here in Bozeman! You don’t have to get married in a barn, I promise! So many options! Also, if you know of any other spaces I haven’t listed, feel free to comment and let others know about it! 

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