Throw an unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner in Bozeman!

Hello my beautiful future Bozeman brides, grooms and wedding planners! How are you doing? Anything in particular stressing you out? Likeeee the Rehearsal Dinner plans? Are you worried you’ll have to entertain or come up with things to do so your guests aren’t just talking about their flights or travels here? Maybe you’re worried about the families mixing and getting along? Well, not to worry because I am here to give you some ideas on making that Rehearsal Dinner stress-free, memorable and to flow nicely! 

I think Rehearsal Dinners are such a good way to show off the town if your friends or family haven’t been yet! So, I came up with some activities that you could do during or before the dinner right here in Bozeman so your guests will have something to do and you won’t have to worry about the mingling too much! 

Some activities in Bozeman I’ve thought of include:

Western Roots Country Dancing Lessons: This place offers group lessons in line dancing, swing dancing and more! There’s also a time for any dancing without a lesson afterwards if you’d rather do that! But wouldn’t it be fun to come here after dinner to learn a line dance with all your closest friends and family so when these songs come on at your reception, everyone will know what to do!?


Board games at each table: This one is for those wanting to stay at the place of your rehearsal dinner if you’re not really wanting to go out and about. Playing games before or after dinner could be a fun way to start some competitive energy and have some laughs! Check out Rooks Books in Bozeman for the best and biggest collection of games!


Roast the couple: Okay, hear me out! Your wedding is a time when everyone gets to say the sweetest things about you, soooo maybe this could be fun change of pace to get a little roasted by your besties while you all sip on cocktails before or after the dinner! (Maybe before you tackle this one, watch a few youtube clips of past comedy roasts.) Have everyone write a few jokes roasting the couple, and bring them in ready to say them instead of speeches! Now, I would really only do this if you have fun friends and family that can actually laugh and have a good time with this, and most importantly if you and your partner can handle a good roast! 

Bouquet Making: This is a different one, but I’ve heard great things, and it sounds like such a blast! A lot of couples skip getting a florist due to an overhead cost, so you could go to a place like Little Button Farm in Bozeman and spend the day picking flowers! Maybe before or after rehearsal, take your family and friends with you to pick out and make your bouquets together! This also knocks out some of your to do list for the wedding day!


Decorating a Quilt: I think this is a such a cute thing that you can do while dinner is going. Nothing too extra or too much of activity, but it also keeps the guests entertained in a cool way! You’ll have quilt squares already cut out so every guest can grab one and decorate it with designs or advice! Then all of those squares will be saved and set aside, so later you can have a family friend or relative sew it all together! Once it’s done you can be surprised with such a fun and personalized blanket to make you feel like you are always wrapped up in love! 

Newly Wed Game: This is a classic, but it is fun! If you want to read and learn a bit more about this one, I do have a different blog post about questions to ask and vibes to have during the Newly Wed Game! Go check that one out if you’re interested and need help getting that game together! Also, if you want a twist to the game, you can add in the parents and grandparents instead of just the couple answering questions!

Ponderosa Social: Maybe you don’t even want a sit-down dinner! Maybe you want a different vibe, and want to just go have fun with your close friends and family! Well, Ponderosa has an incredible bar, bowling, pool tables, and shuffle board! Also, right across from Ponderosa (in the same building) is a great restaurant, Bourbon, with amazing BBQ and sometimes live music! Such a fun vibe and great views of the mountains in this building!


Candle Pouring: The Pour Studio in Bozeman lets you bring in wine or any drinks while you make a candle! This could be a really great memory that will always remind you of the wedding weekend. The people who work here and help out are really big on setting intention, so it can be a really amazing, relaxing and romantic night before the ceremony!


Cookie Decorating: Maybe you have a bit of a sweet tooth and will be in serious need of sugar during your rehearsal dinner! I totally get it. I love sugar too. Well, I gotchu! Maybe after or during the dinner, you can get sugar cookies from a local bakery set out with different colored frostings next to it! Then you and your family/friends can decorate them and they can be set out as dessert at your wedding reception the next day! This one might be a little extra work, but if you love sweets, it might be a fun idea! 

These are only some ideas to get you started on brainstorming and I hope they help you! You can do whatever you want at your rehearsal dinner. There’s nothing set that you need to do! It’s your day, and make it fun! Or make it chill! Whatever your vibe is, go with it. 🙂

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