Bozeman High School Class of 2023: Rachel

Rachel’s sunshiney personality turned even this gloomy fall day right side up! She took me up on one of my senior mini sessions I offer in the fall. It can be a little nerve racking as the photographer sometimes showing up, and only knowing their first and last name. The moment that Rachel got out of the car with her adorable green dress, I knew we were going to have a blast! We photographed out at Gallatin River Hideaway. They had just had a few bear sightings in the last 48 hours, so not only did I have my camera equipment, but bear spray on my hip too. I asked Rachel to give some advice that she would tell an incoming senior at Bozeman High School. So now I am going to let Rachel take it away…

I once heard that in college you won’t really have your one on one relationships with your professors. This honestly made me pretty sad because I love my relationships with my teacher. I even go climbing with one of them outside of school. So, my advice is to really value your relationships with your high school teachers.

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For me personally I have no idea what I am going to do in college. If you’re experiencing the same confusion, my advice is to just trust the process and everything will figure itself out in time. I also plan on getting my generals out of the way freshman year, so maybe you can do the same.

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You only have one chance in life and time will never be in your favor. This being said get off your darn phone and go out and have some fun. High school has ups and downs, but it’s also some of your last times where you won’t have as many responsibilities. So, take advantage of that. 

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I moved my senior year of high school. It honestly was the best thing that has even happened to me. So, my advice to you is try change. Please go out and try new things. Most things that I love to do now, are things that I risked by trying them new. It never hurts to try new things. The worst outcome is you discovering you don’t like something. But honestly then you know and you’ll never have to do it again.

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I know it is said a lot, but always be nice to people. You honestly truly never know what someone has or is going through. The smallest acts of service go so far. I never hurts to do something nice.

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Being a teenager personally I noticed I kind of drifted from my parents. I say this because I really valued hanging out with my friends, but this isn’t a bad thing. For me, I had realized that I wasn’t spending any time with my parents and it kinda drifted us. So, once I realized this, I was able to find balance and now I have time for both and good relationships in both.

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Sometimes in high school you want to have a lot of friends. This truly isn’t a bad thing. But from my experience I realized I loved my close circle. This can totally be different for you though. But for me I was able to have a lot of different friends, but I made sure to give most of my time and energy to the people I valued the most and felt the best around. This really brought me to be a better and happier person. 

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Use your time wisely. I know high school can be super stressful, but when you utilize your time you’ll feel less stressed. The way I found this to be the most beneficial is really using all my school time to be focused for school work. Also being with your friends too, but work when it is time to work. This way you can have all your time outside of school for non-school things and no homework.

Take chances. If you never take chances in your life, you’re gonna be stuck in the same place your whole life. TRY NEW THINGS, take all opportunities given to you, go after your goals, TAKE RISKS. Why not?

Of course lastly, have Leanna photograph your senior photos. She’s very flexible and super fun to be around! Trust me when I say you won’t regret it, and she’ll hype you up so you’ll look your best in your photos.


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