Wedding Day for Introverts vs. Extroverts!

Hello hello my beautiful future brides and grooms! I know I have said this before, but let me just say it again for those in the back!! Wedding planning is STRESSFUL! But you got this, and I believe in you. I am always here to help with anything, I hope you already know that! Today I wanted to chat and give some tips for those who may be marrying someone who celebrates things differently than you do. Maybe you’re an extrovert and your partner is an introvert? Or vice versa?? Ring any bells? Sound familiar to you? Haha, no worries at all y’all. It can be done! We just need to find some ways for you to meet in the middle, or set aside some things that will make each of you happy. I think it’s important to make sure the introvert has a bit of their time, their thing that brings them joy and peace if it’s a heavily extroverted wedding and same goes the other way! 

A lot of these listed below I have either seen at weddings I’ve worked at, or have asked some of my previous clients and followers to chime in with their thoughts and ideas!

~ Let’s start with the night before. For your rehearsal dinner, I suggest having an activity or game to keep things moving so you don’t feel like you don’t have to entertain. Or, maybe just have a very small rehearsal dinner with just your parents and siblings! This is your day, you make the rules! (I know it may seem like you don’t sometimes, but I promise, YOU DO!) The rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to include everyone if you would rather make the night before more intimate. 

~ If you’re nervous about getting ready with a whole group of people, or think you’ll get a little overwhelmed with other friends and family with you before the ceremony, maybe think about getting ready with your person instead! It might calm you to have your partner in the room with you and take that time to get ready together. Then you can have your bridal party waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs or in another room once you’re all ready! 

~ Maybe you or your partner don’t love the idea of talking to or greeting your guests immediately after you walk down the aisle. Not to worry! You don’t need to do that at all, I promise! Your guests can talk to you later. You just got married!! So, after to walk back down the aisle, go straight to a space for just you two to have a moment. You don’t need to wait and say hi to everyone immediately if you don’t want to. Go to a spot, spend time with your new SPOUSE and have a glass of champagne together, share some laughs, some kisses, and take that bit of time to soak in being MARRIED! Then you get a private drink and snack after the ceremony and before the crazy reception!

~ I also want to include all those who are pet parents! A lot of my clients and friends want to find a venue that allows pets. We love a dog friendly venue! I know your pets relieve stress and make you feel calm and at home, so let’s keep that feeling on your most important day! Also, they are part of your family and I know how important it is to have them there! 

~ This one may be a bit different, but I LOVE it. I’ve seen a couple people do this and I think it’s amazing. If you and your partner are writing vows but are nervous saying it in front of your guests, take more time during your first look and say your vows then! This is the moment where you have time alone and taking time with one another to soak it all in, so I suggest to take more time to state your private vows during that moment! Right after your first look, you can find a place to stand there and recite the vows you’ve written to each other. It stays intimate and you both get to hear it on the wedding day! Then during the ceremony, you can recite the ones already written for you!

~ Reception time! Now is the time where you or your partner may get a bit overwhelmed. I feel you!! It’s a lot to deal with and take in! Loads of people wanting to talk, take pictures and dance! So… let’s talk about a sweetheart table. Instead of a harvest table, or a wedding party table full of everyone, make your head table small for just the two of you! 

~ I suggest this for everyone, because it’s amazing and always looks INCREDIBLE! But I also want to suggest it so you’re able to sneak away for a bit and breathe! It’s time for sunset pictures y’all! It gives you a chance to get away, but it also gives you stunning pictures you’ll cherish forever. And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased… 😉

~ Alright, the extroverted one in your relationship will be excited about your first dance. In the spotlight, dancing in front of all your guests having all eyes on you. Well, your introverted partner mayyyy not love that. Soooo, a compromise could be to invite everyone to your first dances! You could ask other married couples to join in on your first dance so it is not just the two of you dancing, all mothers and sons to join the mother son dance, and fathers and daughters to join that one! Make it a whole affair! The more the merrier. (Or, maybe scrap the first dances, and just dive right into group dancing! Or keep it open to cocktail hour, conversations and games!) 

A couple more y’all… and remember these are just suggestions and ideas for you! I just want to help you meet in the middle so there’s some things for the extrovert and some things for the introvert! We want both of you to have an amazing day!!

~ Who’s hungry?? ME! Always. For cake?? Sure thing! Cake cutting is also a big deal during the wedding for some people. Love it! But maybe you want to have the cake cutting without anyone watching you do it. Well… put the cake in the corner of your venue and sneak over there when everyone else is eating! No one will see, and you can take that moment for yourselves. OR if you’d rather, get rid of the cake idea in general and do something more like grab and go snacks! Maybe a dessert table with cupcakes, fudge or smores! 

~ Last Dance, Last Chance! It’s the end of the night already?! While all of your guests are getting ready for your sendoff into marital bliss, have the DJ ask everyone to leave the dance floor and start to head outside to get in a line and grab sparkers or lights! While they are all doing that, it allows you time for a slow dance with your partner. No guests, no photographer, just the two of you! Then once the dance is over you can head out to your sparkler send off to end your wonderful night! 

I hope this helps, and gives you some ideas to comprise your night for things that make you BOTH comfortable! If you have more ideas, comment them for others to see!! I wish you all the best and can’t wait to hear and see all the wonderful moments of your special night. 

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    Beautifully written! You’re excellent! Keep going!!

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