Senior Cap and Gown Photoshoot

Hello beautiful Seniors!! I wanted to talk a little about a cap and gown photoshoot with me if you’re wanting to do so 🙂 There are some details I wanted to go in a little more depth about before you choose your package with me! 

So, if you’re wanting pictures in your cap and gown, and you already have it before your shoot (or want to order a similar cheap one on Amazon) we can get cap and gown shots at your session! Since I don’t have an indoor studio space, I’m not able to take that “official” studio yearbook image that your school may want, but we can get some more candid fun personalized pictures of you looking like a GRAD!!! Wear whatever you want underneath the gown, something you love, something that is YOU! Because the gowns sort of look like a potato sack (let’s be honest haha.)

I typically photograph my seniors with the gowns un-zipped to be a bit more flattering and to show off your personality a little more! No need to feel like you have to wear a dress or some slacks, wear whatever you feel comfortable in or whatever you feel shows us who you are the best! HOWEVER, it’s always a great idea to pick a color that goes well with the gown color!

I will get images with the gown both zipped and un-zipped, as well as with the cap and without, so you have tons of options! Don’t forget to bring your tassel and, if you want, feel free to decorate your cap before the session (if you are allowed to.) If you do choose to decorate your cap, doing it before your shoot allows us to get the cutest detailed photos of it! Feel free to bring any additional cords, awards or elements that you want to highlight as well. You can never bring too much to your senior session, it’s all super helpful to see who you are, what you’ve done and what you love so I can showcase you the best I can! 

Another bonus to this shoot is to show off some college gear! Do you already know where you’re planning to go to college next year? AMAZING! Congratulations to you!! I can’t wait to celebrate that with you!! If you want to celebrate and show that off, we can capture some more pictures rocking your new college gear! I usually tell my seniors to bring this as an “additional” outfit, so it won’t count as one of your 3-5 outfits in your package. We’ll just throw it on for a quick 5 minutes and give you the perfect photo to announce your plans for next year! This is a super fun way to highlight your university. If you’re playing a sport at that college, bring your sports jersey or any gear you want! If not, grab a college tee, hoodie or crewneck to throw on! Also, another fun idea might be to bring along your acceptance letter or a fun sign saying where you are planning to attend so we can capture that too!

I do want to add that if you choose my Premiere Package, you can get either a cap and gown session, OR if you decide you’re not feeling the cap and gown look then you can choose to do a BFF session! You can either bring your one bestie, or feel free to bring the squad if you have a group of pals you’d like to have a picture with! When choosing this package, chat with me and we can talk more about which you’d prefer. 

I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to celebrate all your accomplishments and show them off for everyone to see! 🙂 Any questions, as always, reach out to me and we can talk about what you’d like to do!

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