Best Elopement Vacation Rentals in and around the Bozeman Area!

Hello friends! Are you wanting an elopement in Bozeman, Big Sky, or around this area but you don’t have the space for it or don’t live here? I gotchu! I wanted to chat about and share some amazing Elopement Vacation Rentals around the Bozeman area for possibilities for you and your partner and for all your guests/family that are coming with you! 

There are so many places in and around Bozeman that offer incredible views, amazing hosts and just all-around BEAUTIFUL homes to have your wedding or after party in. I have options listed for a bit larger groups, or intimate spaces for just the two of you! Even though I am listing these for elopement choices, be sure to communicate with your host what will be happening and how many people will be there- communication is KEY and you want to be honest about what you’re doing! (Most of these places have had weddings I’ve shot, but I just want to say that just in case!)

Alright, let’s dig in y’all! 

Option 1: This location above is FANTASTIC for larger gatherings! It is located in Pray Montana, which is a little under an hour outside of Bozeman. One reason I really love this Airbnb is because they have a large communal space to all be together, but they also have so many bedrooms for private spaces. Every bedroom has its own bathroom which is so nice when everyone needs to get ready for the wedding! Everyone can be in their own quarters and no one has to worry about crowding the couple. There’s also an overlook from the second floor that looks down to the main floor which is a great place for hair and make-up to be set up! Also, the views here are to die for. Wow, just wow, ya’ll.  And there are so many different views, so you’ll never get tired of looking around the entire location. When the time comes, the field they have is really easy to walk into for your small intimate ceremony. Afterwards, the back patio is PERFECT for post ceremony cocktails, and they even have a hot tub! Did you hear that?? Hot tub!! Are you sold yet, because I sure am. Then once everyone gets tired or you start winding down from your day, you can always retire the massive living room for dinner or even more dancing! (This owner of the Airbnb loves weddings by the way!)

LINK to 1st VRBO:

Option 2: This one above is located a bit more in the Bozeman area, but it’s technically in Bear Canyon! Only a bit more off the beaten path, and very quiet if that’s more your vibe. BUT this place has such an incredible set up if you don’t want to see your partner before your ceremony, because they have three floors! Crazy. Tons of natural light fills the house, and they have fabulous views right from the back door! I also have to talk about the kitchen, because…the kitchen is so so great for entertaining. I am obsessed with the kitchen. Also, if you are trying to live out your Notebook fantasies, they have a wraparound back porch to soak in your day, look at the mountains and sit back and relax! 

LINK to 2nd VRBO:

Option 3: This one shown above is located in the Gallatin Gateway area! If you’re wanting a bit more of a casual, very intimate and small elopement, look into this location! It’s also super close to a ton of fun restaurants that are opening up! So, if you’re wanting an intimate ceremony, but some drinks out and about, you could get married here then head to Stacy’s Bar or The Jump for dinner and dancing after. Something I really liked about this location was how they had multiple cabins around this house, so your guests and family could rent one of the other cabins near it and then walk right on over to your wedding!

LINK to 3rd Airbnb:

Option 4: I haven’t shot at Ross Creek Cabins, but I have heard so many amazing things about it! If you get there and contact them early enough, you’re able to rent out all the cabins so your guests can be right in the back yard! How cool is that?? (These pictures shown above are not at this location, but a very similar vibe!)

LINK to 4th location:

Option 5: I also haven’t shot at the Montana Adventure Houses, but I would love to! So, I wanted to throw it in the mix to manifest!! Who’s up for it?! They are also PET FRIENDLY! Adorable. Their website states, “Every adventure should be at your fingertips, accessible for families & pets, hold majestic views and memories. We are the premier vacation destination in Montana for you to access the Mountains and have endless exploration. We even host small events and can be reserved for an intimate venue if that is more your vibe! Nestled at the foot of the mountains welcomes you, your family, and four-legged friends to enjoy a getaway to remember! The vacation rental sits on a young fruit orchard where you can pick fruit when the season is right. Adventure out and visit iconic Montana attractions like Yellowstone National Park, Bridger Bowl Ski Area, and Big Sky Resort! Return to the comfort of home and warm up by the fire or grab a blanket and sit on the deck while stargazing.” How majestical does this sound? I am hooked. I think it would be such a fun adventure and you will come out with endless wonderful memories of your special day! (These pictures above also are not from this location, but excited dancing vibes seemed to fit) 

LINK to 5th location:

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