Proposal Photo Ideas in Montana

Okay, I wanted to talk with y’all about Proposal Photography and some of the different options you can think about for your proposal! I absolutely love being part of this special moment if that is what you and your partner decide is something you want to capture! 

I’m just going to walk through it with you step by step!

FIRST STEP: Inquire with me! Contact me, and tell me a little bit about your story, what you and your partner love to do together, what day you are aiming for, if you have any ideas on location, and anything else you’d like me to know! This is truly the start of process, so make sure you’re ready to have to do some coordination and planning after this!

Now, there are a few options I offer for the actual day. So, when we discuss on our first meeting we can chat about these as well and which one you think is best for you and your partner’s day! 

First Option:  Maybe you and your partner have been wanting some pictures together just for fun! 😉 So, you can tell your partner that you booked a session with me for y’all to get some cute couple’s photos, then during the session at whichever point you want (we can chat about what point in the session you’d want to) you can pop the question and I will capture it all! BUT if you think this option would set off alarms in your partner’s head, then we have other options! 

Second Option: I will help you pick your perfect location, I’ll go scout it out to make sure we can have a session there! Then I will send you a video explaining what to expect there, where to stand/sit for the best photos and best angle for me, and then I’ll hide away so they can’t see a photographer there so they don’t expect anything. After you get down on one knee I will come out and photograph you popping the question and you guys celebrating, then grab a few posed pictures after all is said and done! 

Third Option:  Last but not least! This option is very similar to the second option, except I will stay hidden the entire time so you can keep it a secret from your partner that you captured this moment until I send the pictures to you and then you can show them the pictures as another little gift! It is a little trickier, but can definitely be done if you want! 

Now, let’s chat about location and where you will want to pop the question!

Out of towners: I have a large amount of people who are traveling to Bozeman for their proposal. If that is you, and if you’ve never been here before, let me be your boots on the ground! I can go check places out for you, get things in order and send any and all pictures and videos! I would suggest at looking at your itinerary for your travels to see if any of the things you have planned could be a cool location as well. Maybe you have a hike or two planned that you think would be a beautiful spot to capture the moment, or a certain restaurant, or even your Airbnb or hotel! Let me know and I will scout it out for you 🙂

Locals: If you live here and are still wondering where to choose and need help picking a place, I suggest to think about any special places you two have! Any restaurants or breweries you both love, or maybe a fun date you’ve been on and loved. Anything! We can chat about it and go over some of those locations to see if any work for you popping the question there! 

Another thing to think about is the time of day! Would y’all want to get dinner or brunch after? Or will you both want to relax, hang out for a little bit and call your family and friends? Let’s think about that and plan a time that goes with your next way to celebrate!

Okay, now to the DAY OF!! Woooo! The planning is done and it’s all time for it to come together. 

Once we have worked together on location, time, and expectations with photos, then I will message you the morning of and let you know of any extra things that may have come up… like where to park, what I’m wearing, etc. I am pretty hard to miss with this red hair! But you have to remember your partner probably doesn’t know what I look like! So don’t worry about that! 

Alright, I know you are going to be nervous. Just remember to BREATHE!! It’s going to be great! You will be great! Once you pop the question, I’m going to give you two all the space in the world to freak out and have fun! I want you guys to just enjoy!! Don’t worry about me or where I am or anything. We planned it well enough I know what to do and you take your moment! You will probably have to explain who I am at some point, but just know that it’s your moment for as long as you want it to be. I’m not going to start telling you what you do until you guys have had time to take it all in!

After the big day, after it’s all celebrated, captured, and everything is done, I know y’all will want to see the pictures as soon as you can. I totally get it! SO, I promise that your pictures will be done in 24 hours! I will send them over on an online gallery called Pixieset. From there, you can download all the images, order prints, and send the link over to any family and friends to show them! YAY!

And that’s it folks. That’s the day! See, not so horrible and stressful after it’s all talked through and planned! We got this! Can’t wait to meet you and help out with such a special moment. 

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