Margot: Class of 2022

Sweet, Sweet Margot! What a freaking trooper for doing her senior pictures in March with the piping hot temperature of 25 degrees! She doesn’t go off about how cool she is in this post like I want her to! So I’ll do it for her! Margot is an AMAZING cross country skier, she danced growing up, and received a presidential scholarship at MSU! This girl is going to light this world up! I am so happy to have her move to Bozeman and be in my back yard! Here is Margot’s advice to seniors…

1. Write your college essay in the summer…Like don’t just start them but write like 3. 

2. Don’t take so many honors classes in one semester. 

3. Join the Outdoor Club and go on all the full moon adventures, they are so much fun!

4. Definitely take your senior pictures before winter , it will make spring deadlines much less stressful and your pictures warmer and more enjoyable. 

5. Have Leanna take your pictures. She is so much fun!

6. Go to the home football games. They are actually kind of fun. 

7. Enjoy going on college tours, they help you know what you are looking for in a school. 

8. Spend more time studying for the ACT, it will be worth it in the long run.

9. Apply for all the scholarships you can because you won’t get one if you don’t apply. 

10. Enjoy every moment of your senior year because it goes by so fast. 

My favorite part of my senior photoshoot was driving around Red Lodge listening to Leanna’s awesome music. 

My best advice was to enjoy every moment and participate in school activities even if I didn’t want to. (I have to admit, prom was kind of fun)I will miss the close connections with teachers and friends. 

I am really proud of graduating with honors and challenging myself with hard courses.

I will be attending MSU to study conservation Biology and Ecology. I am excited for meeting new people and going on new adventures.

I would like to thank my entire family!


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