Jaclyn: Class of 2022

This shoot was super special, because Jaclyn grew up next to this adorable school house! So I drove out from Bozeman to capture her in the neighborhood she was raised in! Jaclyn gave us all her advice for future high school seniors, and this is what she had to say…

high school senior girl
  1. Take pictures with your class, you’re going to miss them all.
  2. Go to your senior prom, it’s the most memorable one!
  3. Don’t rush to get all your senior stuff done, you’ll have plenty of time!
  4. Do as many scholarships as you can!
  5. Don’t stress about finals, the teachers usually make them easy!
  6. Participate in school activities!
  7. Take college credits! 
  8. Write thank you cards to your favorite teachers and tell them how important they where to you during high school!
  9. Hang out with your lower class men friends, they will miss you the most!
  10. Have Leanna take your senior pictures, she is the best there is!
high school senior

Favorite Part of Your Senior Session? My favorite part of our photo shoot was feeling comfortable and at ease! I didn’t feel nervous or anxious at all!

fall senior pictures

What Was The Best Advice You Got This Year? To do what I want to do and not what other people are wanting me to doing.

What are you going to miss about high school? I am going to miss my best friend, Sophie.

high school cowgirl

What are you most happy or proud of yourself that you did in High School? I am most proud of myself for working part time during the week after school.

senior fall photos

What Are Your Plans After Graduation? I’ve already graduated, and currently i am on the hunt for a place to live and a job!

cowgirl senior pictures

Anyone you want to thank for getting you here? There’s a lot of people i want to thank, especially my parents, little sisters, boyfriend and my english teacher!

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