AJ’s parents were one of the first families to trust me to photograph their family. I’ve been photographing all of AJ’s older siblings since 2013, and it really hit me before his session that he will be my last Ulrichs senior session. So we went out with a bang! I had a blast running around downtown Billings catching up with him about the endless hours he spent playing sports that summer. Then we went to Rocky Mountain College, we tried and failed climbing over the fence to get into the football field. After that we headed out to this outdoor court that AJ loves going to with one of his team mates to shoot hoops. Man! AJ is just such an exceptional man and I am so excited to see what he will do next. With graduation soon approaching I asked AJ for a top 10 list of advice for the upcoming senior class… High school senior pictures in Billings Montana

1. Be nice to everyone. It’s your last year leaving an impression on your classmates.

Boys senior pictures2. Decide to do your work

Billings Senior High School Pictures3. Don’t be on your phone all day in school. Be present in the moments throughout the day

Billings Boy High School Senior Pictures4. Enjoy all of senior year but especially first semester because it goes by fast after

High School Senior Pictures Football5. Have Leanna photograph your senior pictures, she takes the stress out of it and makes it fun!

Sports Senior Pictures6. Don’t stress about your plans for after high school

Basketball Senior Pictures7. Get an early out or a late in they are life savers

Billings Central High School Senior8. Take this last time being home to strengthen relationship with your parents

9. Don’t take anything for granted

Sports senior pictures10. Be thankful

What was your favorite part of your shoot with Leanna Joy Photography? Doing the sports pictures we’re my favorite part !

What will you miss most about high school? The sports teams I been apart of is what I will always miss the most

What’s the best advice you received? Whatever you do you will be favored by the lord.

What are you most proud of in these past four years? My sophomore year my grades dropped dramatically. Getting them back up was a big accomplishment!

What are your plans after you graduate? Work and get that moneyyy before I start college. Workout and focus on football.

What I’m looking forward most after you graduate?  Sleeping in and enjoying my last summer being around my parents.

I wanna thank my mom and dad. They are the best, with them, I can never lose. -AJ Ulrichs

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