Host Your Own Newly Wed Game

I am honored to meet so many fun couples through photography that have become close friends of mine!  I had a ton of couples move to Bozeman during the pandemic and they were struggling to meet other couples! To solve this I rented out Sky Oro for the event, and put my husband in a crushed red velvet blazer and the party was on! I think the Newly Wed Game worked so well for my couples because hearing other couples laugh about living together, planning a wedding, and driving skills! There were so many moments of the audience screaming “AMEN!” or “That’s totally us!!”

So that is why I want to give you the tools to throw your own party and strengthen the relationships in your life! If you end up throwing your own Newly Wed Game make sure to tag me on Instagram, and don’t feel shy to message me and ask me any questions you have!

Write Your Team Bio

While people were entering the party I made sure everyone had a drink in their hand and had time to mingle with everyone around the sweets by Beatnik Sugar. But then I swept them away to fill out there notecard for the host to read to introduce them to the audience. I think it helped our guests to see what my husband and I wrote on our team bio! And then we also wrote out some prompts to start couples talking!

How To Play The Newly Wed Game

Hello and welcome! We will ask one partner to stay here in the hot seat and answer questions by writing them down on a piece of paper, and then excuse the other partner to go to our completely sound proof round to answer the questions as well. When you are in the soundproof room you will be prompted with questions, then you will write your answer on a separate piece of paper so you can flash to the audience! If you have have the same answer you will collect the points! If you don’t you loose the points! 

We are here to laugh, and have fun! So keep it Encourage each other! Yell a lot, give feedback, and have fun! 

Intro the first round of couples! The couples have already written down their team bio!


Excuse the girls to the back room

These are all 5 point questions:

1. How long did your first kiss last after being announced man and wife?

2. Who had a bigger wedding invite list?

3. What’s one thing that you wish your partner hid better when you have company over?

4. If you had to give a reason for why you had sex for the first time what would the reason be?

Ask girls back to read their answers

Then send the guys back and ask the girls these 5 point questions

1. If your partner is back seat driving you what would be the one phrase they use the most?

2. What was the last thing your partner said during sex that had NOTHING to do with sex?

3. What baby name do you agree on and what name do you hate but your partner loves?

4. What’s your partner’s favorite dance move? (You will also have to show us)

Ask guys to come back in and then answer questions in front of each other!

Last three questions are worth 25 points:

1. What is the silliest thing that your partner has worn of yours?

2. What is your partner’s favorite thing to squeeze in the super market?

3. My spouse is pretty good with money but if _______________ is on sale, our bank account is in trouble!

We will add up who scored best and then give out prices!

(Take a little drink and snack break)


Introduce the couples with the flash card that they wrote about themselves! Then excuse the guys to the back room

These are 5 point questions:

1. If your partner got up on stage to sing karaoke, what song would they choose?

2.We are complete opposites when it comes to ____________________

3.What kind of animal did your partner say they inherited their sex drive from?

4. If your partner was in a boy or girl band what would the name of their band be?

Bring the guys back and have them answer the questions

Now have the girls go to the back room, and guys sitting in the hot seat.

These are 5 point questions:

1. What does your partner do when no one is watching?

2. In high school what posters were all over your partners wall?

3. What is one descriptive word your partner says that describes their chest?

4. How long did you keep your proposal a secret?

Have the girls come back and answer the questions with their partners

25 point questions:

1. How would you describe all of your partners before you met before you met your spouse? 

2. What will your partner say they absolutely forbid you to put on their weiner?

3. What is your favorite thing your partner wears?

Have a little snack break!


Introduce the couples with the flash cards that they wrote themselves! Then excuse the girls to the back room and have the boys answer these questions:

These questions are 5 points:

1. What is your partner’s favorite drunk story to tell?

2. If your partner got to choose one category in a game of trivia that they would knock out of the park, what category would they choose?

3. How can you tell your partner is mad at you without even saying anything?

4. If you got to choose your partner’s halloween costume what would you choose?

Bring the girls back and have them show their answers

Now ask the guys to go to the back room and answer these questions:

These are 5 point questions 

1.Best date in Bozeman?

2.What’s the worst prank you have pulled on your partner?

3.My partner was the first person I ever heard of that _________________

4.Who is your partner’s celebrity crush?

These are 25 point questions:

1.If you were about to have your last meal who would cook it your partner or their mom? What would be your last meal on earth?

2.What does your neighbor have more of than you?

3.What’s the most unusual gift that your partner has got for you?

I can not write this blog talking about how extraordinary this event was without thanking the businesses who donated prizes for my couples! So here are all the amazing sponsors that donated that I highly suggest you check out when you are in Bozeman.

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