So You Want To Bring Your Dog to Your Photoshoot?

Oh my goodness, I can’t wait!! Bringing your pup along can be such a great icebreaker if you’re nervous in front of the camera and it ups the energy of the shoot. However, to ensure that we’re getting some great shots of your family, I’ve got a few tips on how to set your pup-eroni up for success.

Arrive Early: I’m sure you’re familiar with all of your dog’s antics in new spaces, so this one probably doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s good to give your best friend some time to scope the place out, sniff the interesting sniffs, and get used to the sights and sounds of the space.

Poop ‘Em Out: Dogs are usually more willing to sit still for a bit after a nice long W-A-L-K. You can either factor this into your arrival time or take a ton of laps around your neighborhood before heading over. Tiring the dog out can do a lot to prevent an ill-timed case of the zoomies. Also…don’t forget the poop bags.

Tag Team It: I’ve found it’s really helpful to have another buddy or family member who can take your pup out of frame for a bit. I like to reserve some time to get photos without the pet so it’s ideal to coordinate a babysitter to drop the dog off or pick them up halfway through the shoot. That way, we can make sure to get some great photos without worrying about having a runner.

Complete the Look: Take a look at the leash and collar ahead of time. If either has reflective materials on it, I recommend running out to Target for a plain one. Neutral colors are best! We want the eye to be drawn to your smiling faces, not the neon pink collar Fifi is rocking. Another great hack, if your dog would be confused by an apparel change, is to cover the collar with a simple bandana or accessory. 

Treat Yo’Self: If your doggo has a beloved toy with a squeaker, feel free to bring it along! I can use that to help grab the dogs attention and make them look photogenic as heck. Again, if possible, bring a toy that won’t be distracting if it ends up in the shot. Treats are also essential to congratulate the dog on a job well done. 

Dogs Will Be Dogs: We love them and all of their silly, ridiculous antics! So bear in mind that unless they’ve been trained by the folks behind Air Bud, they likely won’t be a natural during a photoshoot. Regardless, it will be a fun time and we’ll get some great photos.

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