Tru+Jared’s Wedding at Copper K Ranch

When the snow starts piling up here in Bozeman, I like to look back at some of the gorgeous weddings I shot last summer to remind myself that warmer days are coming. Tru and Jared‘s wedding was smack dab in the middle of Summer 2021 and it was such a fun event!

Tru and Jared have one of those straight-out-of-a-TV-show romances. They are small town high school sweethearts that bonded over athletics and Tru‘s inability to park her massive SUV on her own. They celebrated their lifelong commitment at Copper K Barn in Whitehall, Montana, along the Tobacco Root Mountains and the Jefferson River. Copper K is an active ranch that opens its doors for weddings and events in the summer and the spring. The beautiful views of the mountains and the old brick horse barn provide unique, stunning backdrops for photos that feel rustic and romantic.
The morning of the wedding, I went to check in on the boys getting ready in the barn and I found them all in their white button downs and socks and I knew that we needed a quick Risky Business moment. I blasted “Old Time Rock and Roll” and the guys took off sliding around the floor in their socks. It was a great way to get the day started!
When I was shooting photos of Tru and Jared, I could really see their history together. Jared whooped and hollered when he first saw Tru in her wedding gown and as he embraced her I thought about all the times he’s probably seen her in prom dresses or formal wear for events. It felt like it was all leading up to this moment.
As a photographer, I always hope for good weather but I can’t predict exactly what the sky will be doing for a wedding. Due to the fires in California and more locally, when the sun started to set a reddish haze was cast over the sky instead of a sunset. This made for some really cool, dramatic photos.
Back inside, the party got started as friends and family rushed to the dance floor. I didn’t go to Montana State or University of Montana but I now feel like an honorary alum because I’ve learned so many of their traditions. For example, I know that when you play “Moni Moni” on the dance floor, the crowd shouts “Eat shit, Grizzlies! Go, Cats, go!”
Tru made up her own tradition which I’m sure will become a staple of MSU weddings now. Before the garter toss, she snuck a Smirnoff Ice under her skirt so when Jared went to get the garter, he was immediately iced. When he emerged from the dress with the bottle in his hand, all of their friends erupted in laughter and goading. But he was a good sport, and he chugged it before going back for the garter.
In my opinion, this wedding was a ton of fun because of the bride and groom’s close knit community. A bunch of folks came in from their hometown and I think we had the entire Montana State track and field team in attendance. Everyone seemed to know each other and that made them all dance harder and laugh louder. I’m so excited for this couple and looking back on this wedding has made me eager to return to Copper K for future events.
Venue: Copper K Barn in Whitehall
Dress: Plume Bridal in Bozeman
Hair and Makeup: Briann Bender, Instagram is @bri.hairbender
DJ: Joe’s DJ service from Bozeman
Catering: Red Apron Catering in Cardwell
Bar Service: Chick’s Bar in Alder
Suits: Men’s Warehouse
Floral: Calliope Flowers from Bozeman
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    Great photos and narrative!

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