What to Eat to Feel the Best on your Wedding Day

   When I arrive to a busy bridal suite I always lock eyes on my bride right away and see how they are doing. Then I give them 30 minutes to get into their dress on for pictures, I can always see a panic in their eyes about fitting in their dress. Because they’re nervous, sometimes brides will not eat morning of, and then by the ceremony they are getting hangry and loosing energy fast! Or they are asking me what they can eat or drink before without bloating. I want my brides to EAT and feel energized the whole day of their wedding. It’s so easy for a bride to focus on whatever everyone else needs and not what they need. That is why I wanted to get this blog together to give you helpful tips for planning of your morning of! I personally do not have any advice on this because I’m still learning how to take care of my body on a wedding day. That is why I asked my friend Grace Young who is intensely passionate about health- mind, body, and soul to write up a blog to help my brides out to feel confident, but fueled on their wedding day! So Grace is now going to take it away with her best advice…  What to eat to feel your best on your wedding day

Looking back on my wedding day brings a smile to my face. The guest list, the decorations, the dress, and the vows my husband and I wrote for each other leave such fond memories engrained in my head. I also remember the endless thoughts I had around fitting into my dress, looking my best, and WOWING my soon-to-be husband and all the guests. This is a big day, and you want to look and feel like a queen. The hair, makeup and preparations have all been made, the big day is approaching fast, and you want to make sure your skin glows, your belly looks perfect. Here are a few helpful tips for how to get these results with the food you eat around one of the most beautiful, romantic, and memory-filled days of your life. 

Step 1: Drop the sugar

I know, I am sorry, this one can be tough with all the donuts, mimosas and cake around this celebration. Now, I am in no means telling you not to have cake on your wedding day! By all means, enjoy every single bit of this illustrious day. What I am saying, is that sugar causes a lot of the “bloated” feeling you have on a day-to-day basis, not to mention it does your skin NO favors. One of the most sugar filled meals I have encountered at the weddings I have been a part of are the morning breakfast and snack items. It is easy to load up on pastries, cookies, and juice these mornings as you’re getting ready, but these items leave your body sluggish, bloated, and always craving more. 

Here is a sample menu for feeling your best the morning of your wedding:

Upon arising, drink a large 12-16oz glass of water- if you’re feeling fancy, add some lemon and cucumber for the circulation and skin improving qualities. 

Coffee- if you enjoy coffee and can drink it black, awesome! If you like a little more flavor, see milk alternatives below, and instead of adding the sugary flavors, try a sprinkle of cinnamon, real vanilla extract, or raw baking cocoa. 

Breakfast- eat a meal that you know makes you feel your best. Sautéed vegetables and a couple eggs made into an omelette will give your body vitamins and minerals as well as the protein it needs for a great start to the day, that lasts long past any donut or pastry!

If you’re getting ready early at the venue and will be ordering food to go, try some of these items:

-A vegetable tray (skip the ranch dip)

-Mixed nuts

-Hard boiled eggs

-Sliced meat and crackers

-Yogurt parfait bar: 

-Fresh berries

-Plain yogurt (no sugar added)

-Low sugar granola (look for less than 8g/serving- brands like Bare Naked and Purely Elizabeth are my favorites)

-Slivered almonds or other nuts and seeds

Step 2: Try a dairy alternative instead

If you are someone who loves their morning latte with all that dairy goodness that can fit in a 16oz cup, this may be something you want to give up around the wedding day. Dairy is another cause of bloating, as well as one of the leading causes for acne and other skin issues. Instead, try unsweetened almond, oat, or coconut milk. Skipping the dairy a week or so before your wedding will do wonders for your skin!

 Step 3: Start by moving your body 

The morning of your wedding, although beautiful and exciting, can be stressful. This goes for anyone who wants to start their morning off in the best way, but especially for brides on the big day:get your morning started with a little movement such as a walk, yoga, or a quick HIIT workout. Even morning meditation and breathing can give your body some of the same benefits because you are allowing your mind to relax and breath deeply. Movement does wonders for your stress levels with the release of endorphins that help you relax and enjoy the day.

The following are suggestions on how to get movement into your busy, exciting morning:

20 minute walk

5-10 minutes of meditation

15 minutes of yoga with your bridal party

20 minute HIIT workout 

Step 4: Get your beauty rest 

Now, I know that when I am excited and something big is happening it is hard to sleep. Do what you can to make sure the night before the big day you are in bed at a decent time in order to get around 7 hours of real, restorative sleep. 

Some brides enjoy those last minute parties the night before, staying up late to celebrate. Don’t worry, you will get to do this on your wedding day, and with a full night of sleep, you will be able to enjoy it so much more without the fogginess and sleepy eyes. If you are still in the planning phase for your bachelor and bachelorette parties, kindly ask your bridal party to plan them at least a week before the wedding day. Your skin and bright eyes will thank you, as well as your gut. Without an adequate amount of sleep those little hormones that tell you to eat the sugar and nothing else all day are a lot harder to say no to.

So there you have it! A few simple switches in order to ensure your wedding day is as beautiful as you are. Fighting the bloat doesn’t have to be a fight when you are eating the foods that give you energy, aren’t packed with sugar, but still taste delicious, as well as getting enough sleep and fitting some movement into your morning! Now go try on that dress and allow yourself to take a few deep breaths, because now you will not only look like a queen, you’ll feel like a million bucks! 

Written by: Grace Young of Grace Young Wellness

website: www.gracemyoung.wixsite.com/younghealth

Instagram: @grace.m.young

Facebook: Grace Young Wellness

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