Bozeman Proposal

I become giddy beyond belief when I get an inquiry saying that, “I want to propose to my girlfriend and I want you to be there to capture it!”. I jump up and down like I am the one getting proposed to! I think it’s so important because when I was proposed to I completely blacked out. I cannot tell you what was said. Or what my now husband said. Or even if I cried. But if you have a play by play with images you can piece it all together and remember it for a lifetime! I asked my friend Nick to tell his story of how he popped the question to Beth. So grab a tissue box and enjoy the story told by Nick in his own words:

“I had known Beth was the one for a while… All there was left to do was the proposal, the daunting task of telling the woman you love that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. How do you do that perfectly? There’s really no way, but I was determined to try my best.

   I settled on a little spot in the trees, a little off-path from a park in Bozeman. This was a place we found early in our relationship that we often returned to – one with much significance in our relationship. This spot had been a place for deep talks, long laughs & silent moments together. From picnics to hammock naps, this spot had become “our spot” and I couldn’t think of a better place to propose to the love of my life.
Then came the planning.
   The original plan was to surprise her in some way, so I hatched a plan to get her there without knowing I had set up the best picnic ever. In collusion with my friends Sam and Leanna, the plan became reality. Leanna was to take Beth to lunch as Sam and I made our way to the spot. After setting up a blanket, picnic basket with wine and flowers – not to mention a canvas of Beth’s favorite photo of us – I called Leanna to meet up. Beth stayed with another one of her friends while I was “hanging with Sam,” and after Leanna and I figured out where she was going to hide for the big moment I gave Beth a call:
“Meet me at our spot! It’s so nice out.”
The stage was set, and I was so happy this perfect moment was going to be captured by not only one of our great friends, but also by an amazing photographer – I couldn’t have asked for anything else. Did I mention the only way we could hide Leanna’s overflowing head of RED-hair was by having her crouch into a swamp/creek? That’s right… For Leanna it’s all worth it for the right shot, even if it meant sacrificing a pair of shoes… But don’t worry, they weren’t that cool anyway! With Leanna developing trench-foot and waiting patiently, I made my way to the trail head to meet up with Beth. After the longest, most nerve-wracking 3 minute walk of my life, all the while hiding the ring box in my cargo shorts (it was 2017 – they were still in), we turned off the path towards the hidden picnic. After that I blacked out, but as you can see from the pictures – SHE SAID YES, and the rest is history… A huge thanks to Leanna, your shots were amazing and we continually look back on them with joy. I’ll never forget those shutter sounds coming from the depths of that mud-creek. And OH… little confession: I could still see Leanna’s red hair…”
-Nick Winn

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