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“Sorry, we’re awkward and hate getting our photo taken”, is what most couples show up and by the end they’re laughing and at ease. We can start at a bar, and end at a bar if you want, go back to your first date site, or go on a new adventure to make memories! Your connection will burst through on your pictures so you can send out invitations to your wedding day that you are proud of.


If you are reading this and thinking, "should I get someone to photograph my proposal?" the answer is YES! You are putting in so much time and thought into the proposal you deserve great photos of it! Your girlfriend is probably going to black out the moment you get down on one knee so it's so fun to look back at the photos and see the shock on her face! 



The best part of engagement pictures is that we are going to set up them up like a perfect date! We will pick your favorite locations that make you feel comfortable and at home. We will pop a bottle of champagne or beer! Then we will adventure all over the mountains or downtown to make sure that your personality bursts though! You can bring whatever props or puppies that you want for your beautiful wedding invitations! 

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