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Your senior portraits should be more than something to mark off the to-do list, I want to make it a day all about you! Like your birthday, but better! It will be full of anthems to sing in the car, laughter, and encouragement! We will become a team tailoring your photoshoot to who you really are, and what you love before your photo session. My photography style is bright and stylish, and will create timeless portraits you will want to share with all of your friends. My hope when finishing a portrait session is that you feel more comfortable infront of the camera, and your confidence goes through the roof. Oh and did I mention, it will always end with confetti!


 “Sorry, we’re awkward and hate getting our photo taken”, is what most couples show up and by the end they’re laughing and at ease. We can start at a bar, and end at a bar if you want, go back to your first date site, or go on a new adventure to make memories! Your connection will burst through on your pictures so you can send out invitations to your wedding day that you are proud of.


Starting at $300 

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No cold feet couples here! I have shot 42 weddings, been in 4 weddings, and planned 1 of my own recently. I truly believe in the power of marriage. I want to be there for you on your wedding day to capture the belly laughs, tears, and killer dance moves! I am not just your vendor, and you aren’t just my client. I want to be your friend and be there to encourage you way after your wedding day. I believe that your wedding is your first family heirloom. I take the images that you get to show generations to come of your love story. 



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