2020 Senior Challenge: Win A Free Photoshoot!

   This is supposed to be your year. Your last prom, sporting events, cheering on the sidelines, senior night, last time performing on stage, and the rest of what senior year has to offer. When you were a freshman you would look up to the seniors and dream about the day that was yours. When you were a sophomore you were starting classes and sports that you hoped would take you to the next level. Then when you were a junior and struggling through all the hard classes you kept saying “But senior year will be worth it.” This was the year that your entire schooling was building up to. I want you to know that if you are mad, you can be. If you are mad, that’s okay too! Maybe you are even excited that you don’t have to go back to the halls and worry about the mean girls, and that is completely understandable as well! People are going to downplay what you are going through, and that’s because they got all the final hurrahs!

   I know you are missing out on hanging out with your best friends and worried about your future plans. But I want you to still have a great memory of senior year with your best friends! I made this 14 day challenge for all 2020 seniors in the Bozeman, Belgrade, and Livingston area! Guys and girls are all welcome to participate in this challenge!

   Let me lay down the rules really quick! It’s a 14 day challenge that I want you to take time and do one challenge a day! Then take a photo or video of you completing the challenge and send it to Leanna Joy Photography’s direct messages on Instagram or put it on your story and tag @leannajoyphoto. This challenge will last till May 13th. If you accomplish all of the challenges by June 3rd 2020 you will receive a 30 minute photoshoot in Bozeman with your best friend! You will receive an online gallery that you can download and use all of the photos for social media and have print rights.

14 Day Challenge

1.Call your grandparents or older person that has inspired you.

2.Create an uplift playlist on Spotify at least 10 songs!

3.Watch “How to Pay for College” on Youtube with Dave Ramsey.

4.Write a letter to a teacher that changed your life.

5.Make a Tik Tok that introduces your family.

6.Clean out your closet and donate to those in need.

7.Save all your pictures on your phone from your senior year to a computer so you don’t lose your memories!

8.Learn to make a dinner that you could possibly make at your first place! 

9.Get dressed up to do school at home! Get fully dressed up like it’s picture day at school.

10.Get on youtube to learn a new skill.

11.Make a vision board.

12.Social media detox for the day.

13.Move your body! Find a Youtube video to workout with!

14.Write a letter to yourself for you to find later in life.

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